Monday, July 9, 2012

Weekend - Shooting, Houses, Pool, Cookout

I'm a little light on pictures from this weekend but oh well.

Friday afternoon I was down in SC for work and got invited to a farm.  Where I shot guns.  2nd time I've ever done that.  It was fun.

I cruised back up to Charlotte (only about 45 minutes from where I was in SC) and Kevin and I had dinner with his parents at Cantina.  Then we had to zip out of there to look at houses.  We had an appointment to see this one below but they canceled on us on our way down. 

It was our first time in this neighborhood (where we were supposed to look at the above house).  This is one of the houses in the same hood.  Insane.  

We both decided the neighborhood was too flashy for us.  Not our style. 

Therefore, we are still back to our original neighborhood that we are obsessed with.  It's family friendly, super cute, good schools and has a pool, clubhouse, tennis courts etc.  We drove through it on our way home just to check out how things are on a Friday night.  Love!

Saturday I ran with Tara, did a few errands, went to the pool with Jenn and had another showing.  I made a couple dishes (7 layer dip and coleslaw) and we went out to Wendy and Josh's new home.  They used to live at Avenue with us and now they're in the burbs.  Their house is so pretty and they have lots of room!  Kevin and I learned what it will be like to move a 1 bedroom condo into a 4-5 bedroom house.  Should be interesting.

Yesterday was super low key.  Very necessary. 

Hope you all had nice weekends!


  1. Both of those houses are beautiful!! They look huge. You look cute shooting that gun! XO

  2. I can't wait to see what house you end up getting and where. You'll have to give us hints and tips whenever we move to CTL.