Friday, July 6, 2012

Amelia Island, FL

Yall know how Kevin's work trips are.  They are unreal.  This one to Amelia Island, Florida was no exception.

We arrived at the Ritz on Sunday around 1pm and hit the beach right away.  That evening we took a cab to Brett's on the water for dinner.  When you call a cab from the Ritz, don't expect a yellow vehicle to arrive.  It was a black suburban.  Also don't expect a $15 cab ride either.  Needless to say, we saw some other folks we knew there and hitched a ride back with them. 

Gorgeous sunset from the restaurant.  Oh - we had called to make a reservation but they told us they only take them for parties of 5 or more.  Funny how the concierge was able to get us a reservation.  At the best table in the restaurant of course.  Crazy.

After dinner we walked the docs checking out the boats.

The restaurant...

Ritz always has the best flower arrangements.  Of course they were ready for the 4th of July.

On Monday we hit the beach mid day after an early lunch at Sliders.  This is the hotel from our beach spot....

I had been to Amelia Island a couple times before.  My parents best friends have a place there and I went there once when I was younger.  And I drove through Amelia Island another time while in Ponte Vedra. 

Kevin and I played catch on the beach and frisbee.  We floated in the water and just hung out.  It was sooooo nice.  He went up to get some work done and get ready so I stayed out on the beach for about 30 extra minutes.
yeah i need a tan and to go run.  a lot.
And then this truck pulled up with a trailer on the back of it.  See the orange triangle stating that it contained explosives.  Oh yeah.

We got ready for the reception and the spread of food was amazing.  All the fresh oysters and shrimp you could eat.  Shrimp and grits.  Tenderloin.  Pork.  Everything was to a tee.  And of course top shelf open bar.  Whatever you wanted!

Then the private fireworks show began.  I think this picture is cool.  Firework, palm tree, bar.

They were so great.  I can't believe they did these just for our party!

Kevin and a couple buddies.

We had so much fun.  The band played beach music and it was the perfect evening. 

Group photo.  Total chaos. 

And this explains a lot from the night.  There were three of these bars set up...

And this is at the end of the night.  All full drinks.  And you know it was totally necessary to go inside to the Ritz bar and buy more drinks.  Because that was just SO smart. 

Ahh you gotta live a little!  We had a great time and enjoyed hanging with old and new friends!  And we cruised back to Charlotte on Tuesday morning early for a big night out once we got back!  That's the next post!


  1. You seriously make me envious. It's like you're living the high life every other week with these trips!!!
    Where to next??

  2. These work trips are amazing! I've never been to Amelia Island but I've heard it is wonderful! Love your dress!

  3. I wish my husband's job sent him on awesome trips like this. So jealous!

  4. Wow, what an amazing trip! The fireworks show and relaxing on the beach is exactly what I could go for this weekend. ;)