Tuesday, July 24, 2012

J. Crew

A few weeks ago I received a special looking envelope in the mail from J. Crew.  Very curious, I opened it right away. 

It was an invitation to visit the store and meet with their personal stylist.  I already go visit with Sarah occasionally so this wasn't a big huge crazy surprise.  But then...

I looked at the second sheet and it was a $50 gift card to use when you met with her.  Ummm yes please. 

So let's get this straight -

1.  Go meet with a girl who already helps me when I go in there (she's free to use - highly recommend!).

2.  Use a $50 gift card, no minimum purchase required.

3.  Yes I think I can handle that.  I'll be visiting with her later today for some clothes that can be used for work and play.  Best kind.

Will report back in! ;)