Monday, July 16, 2012

Ave Pool Party

Friday night I literally was in bed and asleep by 7:30pm.  I was toast from last week.  And I slept til 7am.  Thank you 11.5 hours.  I was to the Farmer's Market and Teeter and home by 9am with our meals planned for the week and groceries bought.  Productiveness.  Then I decided to be a crazy person and go to our gym on a Saturday morning.  No treadmills = changing of routine.  It was actually kind of nice to be forced to do something other than run.  Biked 5.25 miles in 16 minutes then I did run a fast mile.

That afternoon I lounged by the pool with Jenn and homemade mojitos.  First time ever making them and they were good.

Early evening we had a party at Fran and Matt's for his 26th birthday!  Why didn't I take any pictures?!

We zipped back uptown and had the Avenue Pool Party which got rained out at the pool so we hung inside. 

Old school Avenue crowd that has lived in the building from November 2007 on...

DJ Shy and his drummer Waylon played for us. Ever heard a DJ and a drummer that drums to the beat of the tune? It's awesome.  Fav ladies...

Cheers at 5 Church.  Didn't have the best experience at this place for the second time.  Not sure we'll be back even though it's across the street. 

Graeme and Christina.  He just got a killer job offer in Austin so they're moving.  We're sad to see them go but happy for their new adventure.  Speaking of which, she is studying nutrition and has started the cutest blog - Emma's Carrot.  She puts all kinds of great and healthy recipes up!

Kevin and I with Kevin and Elena!  Nice couple!

Yesterday was recovery day and get things done day.  I got ready for the week and we did something very exciting wedding related that I'll post about on Wednesday.  I was up all night thinking about it.  I was so excited!

Got my Monday off to a good start with a lil trot.  How about yall?!


  1. You always have such fun weekends! Looks like a great time!

  2. I went to 5Church with some friends a few weeks back and had a pleasant experience.
    I do think the portion sizes are very small for the price.
    Their glasses of wine were even small pours!
    Not that I was drinking, but my friends were!

  3. What a busy weekend you had! Mojitos are the best! Love that navy top!