Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Wedding Wednesday - Getting Things Done!

Mom was here this past week (since last Wednesday) and we got a ton of things done.  And we simply had the best time doing it all!

1.  She visited all of our registries (Belk, Pottery Barn and Williams-Sonoma) and we switched a couple of things around and perfected them. 

2.  We went to a few shops and have almost finalized her Mother of the Bride dress.  She has two really great options.  She'll revisit this in the early Fall so it can be ordered in time but in an accurate size. 

3.  We finalized tuxes so the guys can go to Jos A Bank and order them right now if they wanted to!

4.  Bridesmaids dresses (Lula Kate Chandler) and flower girl dresses (US Angels) were set up with J. Majors and the ladies can also go ahead and order their size at their leisure.  I sent out the email with the whole scoop on dress, jewelry and shoes to wear.

5.  We figured out that I'm going to wear my cousin's veil with my dress.  I tried it all on together and it was simply perfect.  And I'm soooo excited to wear something that has meaning from my family.

6.  We shoe shopped for me and I may end up going with a nude patent heel.  I want something that I can definitely wear again, a shoe that is classic and in 30 years I don't look back and say what in the world was I thinking. 

7.   We met with Lisa at Paper Twist who is fantastic to work with.  She is making the tags for our hotel gift bags and ordering the ribbon to tie them on with too.  She's also putting together the weekend itinerary along with attractions, restaurants and bars on the back for the gift bags.  And she'll tie in the ceremony program in with the other paper products as well.  I felt SOOOO relieved when we left here.  Those crafts were worrying me and she is doing them SUPER reasonably.  Like cheaper than I can do them.  So nice.

8.  We might have also designed the cocktail napkins and koozies.  Haha!  These aren't a positive...need to see how things shake out.  Certainly not a priority.

9.  We finalized the wording on the invitations and reception, reply and accomodations cards at Salutations.  Love Jessica - she made life so easy.  We'll order when Crane does their semi-annual "sale" in September. 

10.  Mom approved of all the gifts I already have bought for our wedding party and we selected certain things for each person.  I love having her opinion. 

Now, I get to spend time with my family and friends and really enjoy the last 10 months of our engagement.  They are putting on parties and things and they deserve my undivided attention, right?!  Right! 

So there you have it!


  1. You're SO ready for the wedding!! Congrats on getting so much checked off your list!

  2. WOW y'all have gotten so much done! I wore the Chandler in Petunia for my sister's wedding, and it is my FAVORITE dress ever! So comfy!

  3. As I always say ... you are SO organized! It must feel great to cross so many items off your list. And how wonderful that you have so much of your mother's help.

  4. Love that you had your Mom approve everything. I consulted with her some but not everything.. I got a little protective ;)

  5. Wow! You guys were busy bees! I seriously can't wait until I get to see all your hard work in your wedding pictures! xo

  6. So glad you got so much done when your mom was visitng! I also ordered my bridesmaids dresses through J.Majors. Love that you can wear your cousin's veil - what a sweet something borrowed!

  7. You should be so proud of yourself for getting so much done so far in advance. Your wedding week is going to be so easy. ;)