Monday, May 7, 2012

Cinco de Mayo Weekend

Yes, I wish I was telling yall the truth that this is Keith Urban, but it isn't.  I tricked a few of you on Twitter Friday night.  Haha!  This is our neighbor Mike....doesn't he look so similar to Keith?  Mike's wife is also blonde like Nicole Kidman.

After an Avenue party at Stools, we headed to Dandelion.  Saw Mimi, one of my Chi O gals that I "advised!"  So fun!

Saturday morning I headed out to the Farmer's market and grocery store.  We looked at houses that afternoon then eventually ended up over in the Elizabeth area at Jacks and PStone with a bunch of Kevin's friends.  Chaos...

Kinda weird pic of Kevin and I.  Note to self: shirt is not flattering.

Kevin and all of his boys.  Some of his oldest friends!

Sunday morning I went to the free Pottery Barn decorating class with Lauren.  This is one of the set ups they did.  We didn't buy a thing but we did learn a lot.  I recommend going to one of these if you are near a Pottery Barn!

I through some of these on the grill last night for dinner along with some shrimp kabobs.  Pretty tasty Sunday night meal. 

Last night Bushy was in town for work today so we went to Yoforia for yogurt and talked for two hours, ha!  We could have sat there for another two!
Today it's back to the grind.  Busy week.  Kevin's off to Vegas for work and my Mama is coming to town Wednesday!  Atlanta this weekend.  Looking forward to it all!


  1. Yummy the grill looks very good and healthy! Fun weekend! Erica

  2. Sounds like a wonderful weekend! I didn't know that PB offered those classes--such a good idea!

  3. HAAA!! I even told Brad Keith was at DM!
    We haven't been out in Elizabeth in months.
    Sorta of miss it.
    Trying to post about my weekend but blogger doesn't work so well here at work anymore :(

  4. I'm dying to do a Pottery Barn decorating class. They seem like so much fun. Those kabobs look delish! Yum!

  5. I had no idea Pottery Barn offered decorating classes. I will definitely be looking into this, and how amazing do those kabobs look. xo

  6. How did you find out about this decorating class? I need serious decorating help.