Friday, May 4, 2012

Running and Crafting

1.  Check this article out on running...basically it says that it increases your longevity.  Thanks Dad for sending!

Speaking of running and my Dad, I started running when I was a little girl.  It was something for Dad and I to do together and we ran many races.  He always stayed back and ran with me.  I have fond memories of that.  Then in high school I ran to stay in shape for sports (lacrosse, field hockey, etc).  In college I started running more and I played lacrosse so running was essential.  After college I have basically run mainly as a stress reliever.  It doesn't hurt that it is good for you and keeps weight down.  Dad has had knee trouble since a run he and I did together in November 2010.  He had surgery on it and the pounding still isn't good.  He rides his bike while I run now.  Always fun to do when I'm in Maryland or he is here in NC.   

2.  My buddy David kicked my tail running this morning.  We kicked up some sprints on the greenway.  Nice to get in on a Friday morning.

3.  Crafting....this week I tried to figure out how to get a printed G onto a white circle to paste onto coral cardstock.  This is to tie onto our guest bags at the hotel.  Yall, I'm soooo not crafty.  I spent 30 minutes at Michael's bugging the people about how to do this.  Well I've tried to do it how they said and I just can't get the G's centered.  I know I could stamp them but I want the G to be in the same font as everything else for the wedding.  I'll keep working on this! ;)

4.  I'm really looking forward to this weekend.  I have a couple events tonight and I plan to lay by the pool tomorrow.  Cannot wait.

5.  TGIF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. You know I'm always down for a wine and wedding crafting night if you ever need an extra two hands :)

    If you are getting frustrated, check Etsy! Even if there is a seller that looks like they might have the craftiness you need, send them a message and see if they're up for a custom project!

    (PS - matte clear stickers with the G to put on the coral cardstock cutouts?)

  2. I'm with April. Look for stickers. maybe you can take it to Office Depot and they could help? That helped with a lot of my wedding stuff.

  3. Stickers are SO hard for me to print too! I do all mine at VistaPrint now as they are always centered!