Friday, May 11, 2012

Mama/Daughter Date

On Wednesday night, we took our Mama's out for an early Mother's Day dinner and to have them all meet.  Both Tara and Lauren's Mom live in Charlotte but obviously mine doesn't.  So when I knew my Mom was going to be here, we planned a triple date! 

Aria it was and of course we were able to sit at the Chef's table.  They always throw in extra treats when we sit in here, not to mention watching them cook is so fun!

We all look just like our Mom's so I'm sure you can figure it out pretty easily but from left to right - Tara's, mine, Lauren's.  So cute!

And isn't it funny that us daughters posed in the same order as our Moms?  Hmmm!!  Tara, Me, Lauren.

We've already planned our next outing for when Mom comes back in the Fall!  :)


  1. oh my goodness you DO all look alike!! :) what a wonderful mothers' day idea :)

  2. Yes, I agree! You do look like your Moms! Fun times!

  3. How fun! And you're right - you do all look exactly alike!

  4. How cute! You all definitely look alike which is beyond adorable! Looks like a wonderful time! xo

  5. This looks so fun and you all look adorable. xoxo