Monday, May 21, 2012

Suz, Weekend in Review & New Sandwiches

My friend Suz is currently in labor with her twins.  She had Zachary at 3am this morning and Lucy should be arriving any time!  We are so glad Zach is doing well and can't wait to meet Lucy too!

Friday night, Kevin and I layed low and we had filets, baked potato and a salad for dinner.  Normally we don't eat such fancy meals but hey why not treat ourselves every now and then.  Still cheaper than going out.

Saturday I did errands and went to the Farmer's Market early.  I ended up falling asleep that afternoon but then got up and we met Fran and Matt over at Aria.  We talked wedding the whole time (they're getting married August 18th) so we took a picture of us with our rings ha!  The boys thought we were crazy...but they love us anyway.

I love the wine bottles in the background...always the best pictures.

Then we headed out to meet a couple of Kevin's buddies at Whiskey Warehouse and Thomas Street Tavern.  He asked Brad and Rob to be groomsmen!  They love cutting up with each other.  These boys are very old friends!

Us at Thomas Street.  There were some bands out there and it was a good time.  Definitely a nice change of scenery from uptown but there were odd birds out and about.  Culture ha!

Sunday morning I made a quick dinner for a family that just had a baby and went to deliver that.  Then I came home and we made lunch.... proscuitto, arugula, goat cheese, oil and balsamic on sourdough.  Delish.  Oh Saturday we had tomato, mozzarella, basil sandwiches.  Yum. 

Last night we grilled out with some friends from our building then walked over to Yoforia.  We all loving our weekend doing this together!

Did yall have a nice weekend?


  1. What a great weekend with REALLY good food! That prosciutto sandwich looks amazing. Do you get your prosciutto from Trader Joe's?

  2. All of your meals this week sound delicious and are making my mouth water! Especially the prosciutto sandwich! Yum. I love the green top you have on in the pictures!

  3. Everything sounds delicious. I think I am going to have to make that sandwich. Yum! xo

  4. Sounds like you spent some serious time in the kitchen this weekend! Everything looks delicious!

  5. You guys LOVE Aria! You should buy stock!

  6. What a great weekend! Hope your friend and her babies are doing well. :)

  7. Those sandwiches sound delish! I have a couple of my summer favorites that I am ready to make. Glad you all had a nice, relaxing weekend. You girls and your rings are cute!

  8. Ha! I'm only 3 weeks behind reading your blog. Including the post with my name on it. :)