Tuesday, May 22, 2012

J. Crew Clearance Stores - Lynchburg, VA

Last week when I was in Virginia for work and I had to go through Lynchburg, I was able to stop by the two clearance stores there.  As you know, J. Crew ships from the warehouse here and I knew there had to be good stuff!

To find the exact addresses, I did a simple google on my phone and found information on this blog.  As you may know, these clearance stores are pretty top secret. Also please note, these are not factory stores.  These are the clothes that are in the real J. Crew stores.  I personally have not had the best quality items come from the factory stores...and they usually aren't even that great of deals to be honest.  You can get better quality from getting things at the regular J. Crew on sale.  Yes I'm crazy about J. Crew. 


I got to the first one at 6:15pm which is connected to the warehouse.  The address is 25 Millrace Drive, Lynchburg, VA.  It's in an industrial area just like the one south of Asheville, North Carolina. 

This store is pretty large and had men's and women's.  Not everything is perfect, you do have to check for any flaws or spots but I'd say a majority is in brand spankin' new shape.  Just some pricing...the shoes were $70 which I didn't think was a good deal (but let's be honest, J. Crew shoes are outrageous for what they are), jeans were $20 or $30 including matchstick which I just bought full price, Minnie pants were $20, bathing suit pieces were $15 each, scarves were $15... 

Everything was by item and then by size.  The cotton pencil skirts were $30.  Yes, if I coulda, I woulda picked one up in every color.  You'll see at the end of this post that I did get one. 

They had current things that are in the catalog right now. 

In the below picture, that's all cashmere and on the rack behind are the dressy tanks.  I wear these all the time under Jackie cardigans for work.

Then I headed over to the next one which they just recently opened because they had run out of room.  The address of this one is 101-A Northwynd Circle, Lynchburg, VA.  It's in more of a strip of shops type area like you'd usually see retail stores in.  I personally liked this store better - maybe it was just that it seemed like they had a better selection of what I liked.

Any color Jackie cardigan you want!  $30

Check the shoes.  I looked for wedding shoes but didn't find any in my size. 

It's a really nice store and one of the ladies in there was super helpful!  She even told me where to go for dinner that night ha!

Colored jeans, dresses in the way back, pencil skirts on the right side.  At this store, they had a lot of Madewell if you're into that and they had Crew Cuts (super cute!). 

So at the first store I did get the pencil skirt but looking back I probably wouldn't have spent the money on it.  Don't get me wrong, I love it (it's navy with ivory polka dots) and I'm wearing it today with a bright coral top but I just probably should have saved the mulah. 

I also picked up a super cheap white bathing suit.  My mom says it was uncalled for because it will look ridiculous on me but hopefully I get tan and can wear it the last day of our honeymoon.  April gave me the idea to put my new monogram on it and wear on our big trip.  So fun!  And maybe I can lose 100 pounds between now and then and look decent Mama!  Ha.

But my big bargain was a suit jacket that I've needed for over a year desperately.  I had told myself that if they had exactly what I wanted, I'd splurge for it.  Yall, they had one jacket - it just happened to be my size, the same material to match my suit pants and a cute style.  Ummm $60.  SIXTY!  Down from $230.  Mission accomplished.

I highly recommend that you stop by if you're in the area!  I could have done major damage but remember, we're on wedding and new house budget!  ;)


  1. I love it all!! This post makes me want to jump in my car and drive to Lynchburg right now!! And yes, I googled mapped it. Only 2.5 hours from me! I will definitely be going soon--thanks for all the advice & addresses!

  2. I need to find one of these close to me!

  3. I live just down the road from Lynchburg and those stores. You're completely right that the one in Wyndhurst is a much nicer experience.

  4. Next time we are up this way I'm making a stop!

  5. I picked up some clearance items from the store in Asheville last weekend. i LOOOVE that place!!!

  6. I want to go! I loved that they would have pop up warehouse sales in Chapel Hill and that is how I got my graduation dresses for $20! but it is not as organized as the stores. Looks like I need to plan a road trip.

  7. Great recap! I need to go there ASAP. Love that you got a white bikini, too!

  8. JCrew jeans for only 20-30 dollars! I'm so jealous! I've wanted to get a pair of jeans from JCrew so badly but they are just SO expensive!

  9. I think I need to make a trip to pick every pencil skirt! I live in them!! So glad you liked VA...we took a hilarious tour of TSC's!

  10. Ohhh if only I lived in Virginia!! You found some cute stuff, and I think you'll look great in a white bikini - you have to wear it on your big trip!!

  11. Ahhh! How awesome! I would be in so much trouble with the pencil skirts!

    And I agree I'm not a big fan of outlets either. You really have to know your prices as I know the ON outlet down the road from my ON sells the same thing for the same price. I really don't know what they sell differently.

    And I almost went to Lynchburg College! I love that part of VA!

  12. Lynchburg isn't too far from DC.... :)

  13. Oh my gosh, I've only been there once, but it was seriously heaven! I got a $150 cashmere sweater for $30, and some of my favorite dresses for less than $50! I'd totally recommend it, too!

  14. I live in Roanoke and will definitely be stopping by there in July when I head back east for a family reunion. I've never seen the store and through your pictures its HUGE! Love.

  15. I have always wanted to go to one of these stores. One of my roommates in DC was from Lynchburg and she always told tales of when you could go and fill up a bag for $25 or something crazy like that! Those racks of shoes are droolworthy--I adore J.Crew heels. ;)

  16. My best friend Anna and I make a trip to Lynchburg at least twice a year for these stores! I love going online after I stock up and lavishing in all I saved!