Friday, May 18, 2012


Last Wednesday through Saturday, Mom was in Charlotte and we did wedding stuff every second.  Kevin was in Vegas Tuesday through Friday of the same week.

Sunday and Monday I was in Atlanta for my cousin's graduation.

Tuesday I was in Charlotte.

Wednesday of this week, I've been up and down I-81 in the Harrisonburg, VA area.  Very cool - got to run on JMU's campus.

Yesterday I started in Harrisonburg, went to small towns all around, drove through Charlottesville, went to J. Crew Clearance Centers in Lynchburg.  Then I ended up last night in Danville.

Today (Friday!) I'm going to get back down to Charlotte at some point.

I'm in Charlotte this weekend with a bunch of things to do.  Next Wednesday - Saturday I'm in PA and MD. 

Sunday - Tuesday in Chicago. 

Wednesday - Sunday in Miami.

(yes back to back to back trips!)

In Charlotte Monday and Tuesday (June 4 and 5 if you're keeping up).

PA June 6-7

MD possibly June 8-10

CHARLOTTE for ALL of summer....sike

I LOVE it!!!  What better time than the present to travel?!  Hey, ya only live once!  I'm thankful for the opportunities.

PS - who says sike any more?!  I guess I do.

Happy Weekend!


  1. haven't heard sike in years. YOu're a busy girl!

  2. I didnt even know JCrew had a clearance center. My life just got a little excited.

  3. I'll be in MD the week after you in June, how fun.

  4. Wow! I think your schedule rivals mine!

    I'm in Charleston the next 10 days and then from teh first weekend in June to the end of July I'm traveling every week for work or for weddings! it is going to be a crazy summer!

  5. Enjoy all of your travels and I hope you get some R&R! I'll be in Chicago as well at the end of this weekend--I'll be sending you happy midwest vibes. :)