Thursday, May 10, 2012

Charity Volleyball

Today our company is participating in a charity volleyball tournament here in Charlotte.  It's all of the commercial developers in town that come together to benefit a different organization each year.  This year it's a group that assists homeless children and provides meals and a mentor to them.  We are hopefully going to all be donating around $30,000 to them.  Some folks are also donating their time to go sit with these children at lunch and be a positive influence.  Others are making snack packs to deliver to the children. 

What a great organization right?  Would you believe there are over 4,000 homeless CHILDREN in Charlotte? 

I think it's neat that all of our companies get together for an afternoon of competitiveness and fun. 

Here's to a great day of raising money for a great organization and having a good time with our work competition while doing it!


  1. What a neat company to be apart of that they would take time out of their busy schedules to do this. So cool! Have fun!

  2. What you're raising money for actually directly benefits three kids in my Kindergarten class :) my school alone has over 100 homeless children! The kids that get snack packs for the weekend will not leave school on Friday without it! It's a great charity!