Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Wedding Wednesday - Details

Mama is flying down to Charlotte today to do lots of fun wedding things all weekend.  I'm excited!

I've been working on details details details the past few weeks.  It is less than 11 months away and I want to get all the special things out of the way so I'm not up every night the week before folding things and tying ribbons.  I don't work well in that position. 

Soooo I've scoped out ribbon for the programs, I've found cardstock to get them printed on, I've made a sheet that has bars and restaurants on it for the welcome bags (actually Miss Crafty April made it and is kindly lending me hers, I just changed the places and monogram), I know what is going in the welcome bags, the actual bags arrived this week and I'm working on a must be taken photo list this week.  Oh, I designed the cocktail napkins and am finalizing koozies too.  And I bought flower girl and bridesmaid gifts last fun!

My friend Jenn solved my tag issue that I was fretting over last week.  She has a Cricut and I went up to their condo the other day and she had already made like 4 or 5 different options (talk about a good friend!!).  It is going to be perfect.  Thanks Jenn!  :)

Some things Mama and I are doing this week and weekend:
 - finalizing (AKA getting her approval) on the tuxes and bridesmaid dresses and setting up the ordering information
 - looking for a dress for her that doesn't look too Mother of the Bride or like she's 80 years old
 - looking for shoes for both of us and taking mine to try on with my dress
 - figuring out the veil situation
 - doing all the wording on the stationery so when Crane has it's "sale" in the Fall, we'll just simply call and order

I'm excited to get this party started!  I've loveddddd all the planning so far and can't wait for more.  I've just had the best time putting it all together!


  1. What's even better is to get things marked off your list! Have fun!

  2. You are so smart for not letting yourself turn into a stressball in the last month before your wedding (ahem, speaking from experience). You'll sleep better, too! Thanks for the shout-out ... you know I am happy to help with anything wedding-related :) I'm obsessed.

  3. Everything sounds wonderful! I'm trying to get everything done early as well, but I am definitely not as far along as you are! Good luck looking for the MOB dress. I've heard that's one of the hardest things to find--one that's not matronly, but pretty and classy. Enjoy the time with your mother! :)

  4. The MOB dresses seem so hard and its just the issue that so many places have hideous things. A family friend wore a strapless bridesmaid dress in a different color and ordered a little short sleeve jacket thing in the same color. We have a newer Von Maur and they have some of the best things in stl. No clue if you guys have one in Charlotte! Good luck! Sounds like a fun weekend!

  5. You are so on top of things! So impressive and super smart! I know you will love having this weekend with your mom!

  6. I'm envious of your organization skills! Sounds like you're going to have an amazing wedding!