Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Memorial Day Weekend - Wedding and Low Key

Thank you all for your thoughts and prayers.  My mom went HOME yesterday (even the docs thought her progress was unreal).  Kevin's Uncle is also doing better (we got to visit with him on Sunday). 

I flew back in from being up north on Saturday morning.  Basically went straight to get my hair cut (I always plan these on the days I have a special event - why not right?!). 

Kevin and I regrouped that afternoon and went to a wedding that evening.  I work with Amy and this was just so great to see her happy and getting married to Reid.  She's such a sweet gal. 

Kevin and I with Charlotte's skyline in the background.  The wedding was at Roof With a View. 

Sunday morning I had a showing and then we did a whole lot of this...and I went to the pool.  That night I made us a good dinner and we watched TV. 

Yesterday, we took a long walk on the greenway and I went to the pool with Tara while Kevin got some work done.   

In the afternoon I finished up some side dishes and we headed south to Kevin's parents for a cookout.  On the way, we looked at some houses and found one we really like.  It's bank owned and there are two other bids.  We are still not sure if we are going to put an offer in but at least (after an entire year of looking) we found something we like.  Now if we could get a 50% discount on it, we'd close on it tomorrow!  Ha!

I made Skinny Taste's Southwestern Black Bean Salad and Baby Red Potato Salad.  Both were delicious if I do say so myself, ha.  His Mom made shrimp, chicken and beef skewers with grilled veggies - all yum.  I also took corn down and Brittany made an apple dip for dessert.  Delish summer meal!

Hope you all enjoyed your long weekend.  Today we are in town, tomorrow off to Miami for a work trip for Kevin.  Any must see or do things in Miami?!


  1. Wow, love the house! Its gorgeous!

    And regarding Miami, I have no idea! I've always wanted to go though so let us know where you would recommend when you get back!

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  3. Love the house! What hood? Not a Miami fan...I guess S. Beach?..pricey and cheesy but a must see.

  4. Love love love the house! Gorgeous! Also love your dress for the wedding!

  5. Bryce was in a wedding last weekend, so we enjoyed wedding festivities too! Love the dress you wore!! And the house...how exciting! You will have to keep us posted!