Monday, August 1, 2011

Kevin's Car, Criterium and Weekend

Whew, can't believe it's August 1st already!  Summer has flown by! 

On Friday afternoon Kevin emailed and told me to not make plans.  He called a little bit later and told me he needed me to come pick him up after work because he had sold his car.  Ha!  We got to have dinner with Kevin's parents and brother at their local Italian place.  I got the mussels appetizer - they were so good! 

On Saturday I got up pretty early for a long run.  Felt great to be out there and I covered some miles.  Kevin went with his Dad to get his new (to him) car from a family friend so I got most of the day to go to the farmer's market, clean up my place and go to the pool!

That evening we went downstairs to the Criterium which is a pro bike race in uptown Charlotte.  It's events like these that I know one day I'll miss living downtown because literally all we have to do is walk 1/2 block up to it!  Fran and Matt came uptown for it.  Seriously are they not the most precious couple ever???

We headed to Dandelion afterwards and Kylie my sweet neighbor came with us!

They all left because they had to meet some other folks so Kevin and I stayed for a few minutes longer then ended up at Molly's.  We got stuck there for an extra 45 minutes because of a torrential rain storm. 
Yesterday we literally did nothing.  Walked over to Moe's for lunch and then came back.  Kevin fell asleep on the couch while he was on his computer and I went into my room for a nap.  We both woke up a couple hours later.  Aren't those the best naps on a rainy day?! 

I got my tail out of bed and went for a short run around downtown.  Once I got back and cooled off, I made us BLT's for dinner.  Nothing better with a fresh farmer's market tomato! 

Finished the weekend off with the Bachelorette Men Tell All.  Who's ready for the finale tonight?!!!


  1. sounds like the perfect relaxing weekend!

  2. Sounds like a fabulous weekend... and I'm SO READY for tonight's finale!! I wish the day would go by quickly because I'm dying to know who Ashley picked..

  3. Glad you had such a relaxing weekend! I can't wait to see the finale tonight :)

  4. I'm so excited for tonight's Bachelorette episode! I am also super excited to find out who the next Bachelor will be. ;)

  5. Sounds like a fun weekend--new cars are always exciting! And I did the same thing yesterday--I got brunch with a friend and then came home and took a nap until almost 4!

  6. I had so much fun with you this weekend! Looking forward to catching up tomorrow!