Monday, August 8, 2011

Happy Hour, Run, Organization, Cirque du Soleil, Bridal Show

Yes that title basically describes what I did all weekend!  On Friday some of our friends mentioned happy hour and I was all over that!  We started at Mortimer's with all girls and then we headed to Phil's since that's where some of the guys were.  Kevin ended up being there too with his bank boys so that was cool!

We ended up going to dinner at this place called Vapiano.  Have yall ever been?  It's a genious idea and was SO good.  Basically you get a card when you go in and you go up to a long counter with lots of chefs and order what you want and they make it for you right in front of you while ya wait.  It's your own special order.  Then they swipe your card and it goes on there that you got that.  Then you can go up to the bar and get a drink and pick any table to sit down for dinner.  How fun, right?! We had almost 15 people so it was perfect to get a decent meal and not have to wait forever!

Then we headed to Prohibition to hang out a bit more.  Kevin didn't go to dinner with us but he met us at Prohibition after he ran home to shower and get cleaned up.  We hung for a bit and they were playing fun dance music.  We saw some other friends of ours there too so that was fun. 

I cruised home around midnight and finally got into bed around 1am.  Yall my tail totally got up at 7am and went to run.  I had a horrible headache but I had 4 advil, a TON of water and put my running clothes on.  7 miles later, I was feeling great!  SO glad I got up and did that despite my wishes haha!

Saturday afternoon I got a bunch of stuff done and cleaned out a lot of drawers in my condo.  I'm in major purge mode right now.  My place is overflowing and I'm tired of it.  Kevin is being super sweet and letting me take some things to his house that we know we'll need for a real house.  Other junk, I'm just tossing.

Saturday evening we had a hot date for Cirque du Soleil - Alegria.  First we went to Basil (the thai restaurant that we're obsessed with at the bottom of our building) then walked over to the show.  Nights like that we are so grateful to live uptown.  Most of others that come in from out of uptown have to pay for parking and everything else. 

On Sunday Kevin worked and I did more cleaning out of my house and organizing.  I've been getting some notebooks together with fun ideas for the wedding so I'm looking forward to sharing those with yall.  Sunday afternoon I went to the Charlotte Bridal show with my girlfriend Jackie and her MOH Kelly (Jackie is engaged to my friend Ben from school).  We had the best time walking around to all the vendors and getting ideas!

We also were lucky enough to get our hair and makeup done!  It's fun to be pampered every now and then isn't it?!
Last night I made chicken parm from scratch - Pioneer Woman style.  I love that she includes wine in her recipes.  It along with onions and fresh garlic make my house smell SO good when cooking!

After dinner I helped Kevin do a few work things he had to get done then he helped me polish my silver.  Yes, my friends, he is a keeper!
Hope you all enjoyed your weekend.  They're always too short but they do feel productive when you get things done!


  1. Sounds like a busy weekend! Love that Kevin helps out! Brad is the same way! I think it's when men are older :)
    BTW - How was the Cirque show? I've seen so many that sometimes I feel like if you've seen one you've seen them all?

  2. What a great weekend! You stayed so busy. I hadn't heard of Vapiano but I am so intrigued. Does it have a cool atmosphere?

  3. Looks like a fun filled weekend! I have always wanted to see Cirque du Soleil. I don't think silver polish has ever touched JCW's hands...he may have to step up his game! haha

  4. I've never heard of Vapiano, but it sounds interesting! I'd love to try it out. Glad you had such a productive weekend!

  5. sounds like such a fun weekend!! hahah love that polishes the silver!

  6. What a fun weekend! You got so much done!

    I'm sad that I missed the CLT bridal show...if it could've just been one week earlier before I moved! I'm sure you had a blast! xoxo

  7. Sounds like fun! I am going to my first bridal show on the 21st!


  8. Love the name 'prohibition' for that bar!

  9. Sounds like a fun, but busy, weekend! It feels so good to get a lot of things done and clean everything out. Hope you have a good week!

  10. Wow, what a busy weekend! But it sounds like you had the best of times. I have been in purge mode too. Trying to get my basement cleaned out and Adelaide's things from college moved down and stored for future use. Always lots to do here. Enjoy your week. Planning your wedding is going to be so fun!!! Love & blessings from NC!