Friday, August 12, 2011

Find Your Spark

Today I want to tell you about my sweet friend Margot and her hubby TJ.  They used to live at the Avenue with us years back and I remember the week they got married.  Seriously yall, they are the most precious couple ever...inside and out.  
They married and eventually moved out of downtown to a larger home to have more space.  Margot became the cutest pregnant lady on the block and they were so thrilled to be expecting twins on 11.11.11.

Unfortunately when they went to her appointment in late May to find out the gender of the babies, they got the saddest news.  They had lost the twins.

She had started a blog about her pregnancy and occasionally blogged on there.  Since she hadn't updated in awhile, I reached out to her on facebook and told her I was hoping what I thought based on her facebook wall wasn't true.  Unfortunately it was.  We chatted a bit and I told her about some other ladies' blogs that had experienced loss.  She also let me know that she had started a new blog to begin their healing.  Find Your Spark.

Please go visit Margot's blog, become a follower and encourage she and her hubby along their journey.  She also posts recipes and fun things like that.  If you have any blogs you think she should follow that would help them, leave those in her comment section, I know she'd like to see them.

As always, thank you bloggy community for being so supportive!

(PS - I also posted earlier today about relationships - if you're interested, scroll down!)


  1. Thanks for sharing. This same thing happened to my cousin years ago. She was 9months along though. The boys would have turned 16 this year :(

  2. thank you so much for sharing her blog. Hopefully God will bless her with healthy children soon