Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Randoms and Dresses

 - Thanks for all your sweet comments on my closet tour.  I was a lil iffy on doing it because I don't want that perception but yall made me feel better, ha! 

 - On shoes - I have them in two big baskets at the bottom of my closet.  I've tried the racks and stands and those just didn't work for me. 

 - On bigger closets to come...I tease Kevin that if our real home has more than 4 bedrooms, one of them will be my closet and I will have a dream closet like you see on TV and in magazines.  We can all dream, right?!

 - Yesterday, my parents went to my Dad's Rotary club and they filled 500 backpacks for kids in their community for back to school.  How awesome is that?!
 - So I have a question....what do all of these dresses have in common?

Take a guess and I'll tell yall tomorrow!  ;)


  1. My father is in Rotary too! I've wanted to join one of the DC groups, but dues are really expensive, maybe someday! Ha!

  2. I am hoping that what they all have in common is that they are surprisingly and shockingly inexpensive! Fingers crossed?!?!

  3. Ah! I've had my eye on the bottom one...I know where that is from! Loving it for Fall! And I hope April is right! :)

  4. Two things for you my friend:

    #1 - Great to meet you today, so much fun and hope we can do it again soon. Next time, must include drinks. :-)

    #2 - Missoni for Target, naturally! :-)

    Enjoy the rest of your week! XOXO