Thursday, August 11, 2011

My Condo Tour

I got a few questions related to our condos yesterday. So as most of you know, Kevin and I live one floor apart in a high rise condo building uptown Charlotte. This is how we met! :) Ohhhhh would yall wanna see pictures of my condo? Okay, here it is!  Please ignore the stuff everywhere - it's pretty well known that I have grown out of this place haha! 
Entryway in.

Back to the story - this is now a problem since we're engaged and we both own them!  Kevin was smart 2.5 years ago when we first started dating and put us on the wait list for renting.  You see, per our Homeowners Association Bylaws, only 25% of the building can be rented at one time.  We were 63 and 64 on the list when we went on it that long ago.  Guess how many spots we have moved up?
We had these Kraftmaid cabinets built in.  My parents gave it to me as a housewarming gift!
FIVE.  FIVE!  Can you believe that?  Five spots!  Leasing permits are hot commodities and rarely turn over!  Oh it makes me so bitter.  Some folks have been forced to short sell or foreclose on their units therefore driving the prices down on other units.  I will say this - it is nice to not have a bunch of renters in our building.  That would be chaos.  So my unit is officially on the market and not in a huge rush to sell it.  After all, Kevin and I won't live together until we're married. 
Sorry for bad lighting!  It's hard with floor to ceiling windows!
 This is my kitchen and the living area. 

Mostly all of my house is the yellow-ish color but I do have this bold blue accent wall in my bedroom.  I love it.

This is the other angle of my room.  A small walk in closet and the chest of drawers is something very special that my Dad made.  How cool is that?!!!  It's my favorite piece in my home.

This is the main entry way area - a lil computer nook!  Yes I realize that most condos in a downtown do not have queen anne tables and chairs and oriental rugs.  I'm okay with this though!

This is one of the views off my balcony.  The other way is of the Bank of America corporate tower that I'd love to show you but Blogger won't let me upload a vertical picture.  It's very cool though!
So that's my lil unplanned condo tour for today!  Have I told you all that it was on the 4th Ward Holiday Home Tour in December 2008?  About 1500 people toured through it in one weekend.  It was very fun!  Mom came down and decked it out with fresh magnolia and all kinds of greenery, Carolers and more Christmas decorations.  I have a sign in book from everyone that came through and I just love looking back at that! 


  1. Love it! I think it's so funny you two met in the same building! What are the chances? I love your white bedding, wish I could do that in my college apartment but something tells me that would be a very bad idea haha!

  2. Your condo is so cute! I love it! That is exciting that is was on teh 4th Ward Holiday Home fun!

  3. Love this! I totally figured that was your condo when you told me about your patio set with the orange cushions. I can see your condo from my work window! :)
    BTW - I did a similar post like this right after Brad and I got engaged. We moved in together 3-months before the wedding b/c we found awesome renters.

  4. I love the blue accent wall in your room. So sophisticated!

  5. that's so cute how you two met! love your condo!!!

  6. Thanks for the tour...what smooth thinking Kevin! xx

  7. Love it! The blue bedroom wall is a great touch. That view is very familiar :)

  8. What a beautiful condo! The floor to ceiling windows are breathtaking :)

    You are so smart to go ahead and put that sucker on the market. And just think how nice it will be when one sells! You'll be able to shop non-stop :-o hehehe....

  9. Oh my goodness.. your apartment is GORGEOUS.. I'm in love with it! And you can't beat the view of Charlotte. Your decorating is beautiful and I love the chest of drawers your dad made!

  10. Love it! How neat that you met in the same building! I'm sure your condo was lovely on the Holiday tour! xoxo

  11. What a great place you have. You should do a mini closet tour--I'd adore seeing everything. Love the chest of drawers your father made you. He's obviously a very talented man. :)

  12. Adore your apartment! The floor-to-ceiling windows are amazing, and I love that you have an oriental rug! Your bedroom is super cute too, and the accent wall is soo great! WHY ARE YOU SELLING THIS?!


    Erin @

  13. Floor to ceiling windows! So jealous! I love your condo!

    Good luck with selling and looking for a house!

    I loved all the pics you posted from the holiday tour!

  14. Good luck with selling! It's a tough market out there! Not sure how it is in NC though? Good luck!

  15. Your condo is great and you should really show it off. The bedroom is very classy. It's like the ones we see in films. And your love story is cute, too! That simply means love is always in the air! LOL!

    Colby Moore

  16. Years passed already and I am expecting that you maintained the glamor of your condo. It's not hard to maintain a space smaller than a house, but it feels so satisfying to stay there when you’ve maximized the space and made it look bigger. There are many condos in the market today and you are lucky to have found a great pick.