Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Weekend and Crazy Story

On Saturday morning I went for a run and I know you see weird things if you are out there enough but I've never seen anything that compares to this yall.  Okay so imagine this - I'm in one of the nicest areas in Charlotte....surrounded by gorgeous homes and it happens to be near the entrance to a park and kinda at a big intersection where lots of folks are exercising on Saturday mornings.  Bikers, tennis players, walkers and runners are all going by.  Pretty busy. 

I come up and see a couple cars stopped on the side of the road.  I just think the inevitable, I hope someone didn't get it.  Well I get a bit closer and a cop pulls up behind the cars.  There was a runner guy standing outside one of the cars and he yells at the guy sitting in the car to get out.  Umm you guys - this guy gets out and is buck naked!  AT 8AM IN THE MORNING!!!!!!!!!  And who cares when it is - WHO DOES THAT?  So the cop draws his gun and makes him raise his hands.  This man was older and in pretty good shape.  He looked like he could outrun anyone so I think maybe this is why the cop did that?  At this point I'm on the other side of the road and I could hear Kevin in the back of my head, "get away from where gunfire could happen!"  I was far away and not in the aim if you will.  Anyway, two more cops came from the other direction and arrested this guy.  It was the weirdest thing! 

So I have no clue what he was doing.  I don't know if he was driving that car.  I don't know if he was walking down the street.  I don't know if he was sitting there watching girls run by.  He could have been sick, drunk or on drugs.  No clue.  But this was CRAZY yall.  Nicest area of Charlotte and on a Saturday morning at 8am, I see a gun and multiple police officers.  I continued on my way at some point and could not believe what I had seen!

So then I came home, put finishing touches on the shower and then everyone came over for that.  That evening we had signed up for a happy hour at Blackfinn with some folks from Avenue. 

These are some of our neighbors.  Some we know well, some we didn't know well but Avenue is always our common bond! :)  We like to be friends with everyone!
Afterwards we headed out to the NoDa area of Charlotte to meet up with Kevin's business partner Dan for his birthday at Solstice.  We had a really good time and one of Kevin's high school buddies Brad and his girl were there too. 

It was funny we met this guy named Chris that was talking to Kevin and I guess he asked who I was when I walked up.  Kevin said oh this is my fiance....  The guy said oh that's cool and asked when we got engaged.  Kevin told him about 6-7 weeks ago and he told us that he had been married for 15 years.  Kevin asked him what kind of marriage advice he had for us and his advice - say I Love You every day multiple times a day.  He said, "Wear it out!"  Great advice, right?!  Thought that was pretty cool.  

Sunday we laid low and recovered and got ready for this week.  I had a crazy day yesterday and didn't get home until 9pm.  I was at a meeting last night and evidently someone came and looked at my condo!  Kevin was home thankfully and straightened up at the last minute for me.  It was a single younger guy.  Kevin told me my place is too girly so I guess I need to do something about that to make it more sellable....ha!  But I was really excited someone even came to look at it!

Happy Tuesday!


  1. so disappointed that you don't have a photo to go with your crazy story! haha.

  2. That is a crazy story and on the Booty Loop! LOL!!
    That's great that you had a showing!

  3. Ha! I'm sure that's not what you were expecting on your morning run! How funny!

  4. Hilarous! What a funny story, nothing that exciting has ever happened during my runs!

  5. Oh my word ... how random is that?! I never see any naked people in the street -- life is so unfair :)

  6. Oh my goodness, that is so funny! Maybe I should take up running outside, you never know what you are going to see :)

  7. That is a hilarious story about your run! You just never know what might happen - or what you might see - when you exercise outside. You can imagine some of the "sights" I see around here - especially at spring break! :-) Glad you had a nice weekend! XOXO

  8. what a weird story from running!

    sounds like a fun weekend :)

    ohhh - staging your house to sell it might be a good idea. i love watching that show on hgtv!

  9. OH..MY..GOODNESS! A naked man? Guns? That is CRAZY! Glad you were safe!

    PS--love your maxi dress in these pics!