Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Wedding Wednesday - Organization

Right off the bat, my Mom was queen of organization!  When she and Dad came down a couple weeks ago, she brought this cool notebook she made.  It has tabs, a folder and paper for each category (dresses, reception flowers, band etc.).  You can put all your invitation invites that you are thinking about in the invitation folder.  Or if you have an idea, you can write it down on the notebook paper in that section.  Genius right?!  After the wedding I'll take all the ideas out and leave the final product in and it'll be a momento notebook.  Isn't my Mom so creative?  I think it was the teacher coming out in her!

She also brought all these baggies full of options from weddings they have been to over the years.  Mama had been collecting all this time!  Invites, menus, table place cards, maps - you name it, she had it from every wedding!

We both went out and got this wedding planner book from Barnes and Noble.  I had heard that this was the best for what I was looking for so we'll use this to guide us through the process!
And now since I'm minorly obsessed with Pinterest, I will pin ideas for flowers, bridesmaids dresses, my dress etc.  I'm also ripping pages out of the 1,000 bridal magazines I have acquired from Kelly which some came from Suz and lots of other friends!  It will be fun to collect and get inspiration!

What was your biggest organizational tool?


  1. love all this organization! You are going to have an amazing wedding!

  2. Annie - new follower here! I was born and raised in Charlotte and moved wayyyy above the Mason Dixon line two years ago to Pittsburgh, my hubby's home town. We recently got married in Charleston, and I had a similar binder to the one you and your Mom put together. That was my biggest organizational tool, along with all of the digital pictures I saved onto my computer from blogs, photographer's websites, and other spots. My biggest piece of advice when it comes to flowers, stationery, and decor is that the vendors need and want to see your inspiration pictures - that will give them a much better idea than describing with just words. So to every meeting I brought along my trusty binder and my Mac Book. Good luck! And check out my blog for my inspiration photos and my professional pics, coming soon!

    And if you need any recommendations in Charlotte - let me know, my MOH got married there last year and had a stellar event.

    Good luck and HAVE FUN!! :)

  3. Sorry - I was logged-in on my old account - my profile information is correct here!

  4. For my wedding--The Bride's Essential Wedding Planner and Pinterest. :)

    For my life--A cute planner and gmail calendar

    For birthdays--facebook. haha

  5. Such a great post! I love organization! I use a website called TeuxDeux to keep track of everything I have going on. It's great because there is an iphone app that goes with it!

  6. I love all of these... binders, planners, etc. Organization is so much fun!! (and I officially sound like a nerd!)

  7. I love organization and binders for everything =]!

  8. So cute that your mom is being the queen of organization! I bought a bridal organization book too and right now I just have lots of folders of my possible venues. Lots of information!