Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Closet Tour

After I posted my condo tour the other day, Glitterista suggested that I do a closet tour. I figured this could be done but I didn't want it to look like I was trying to showcase my condo or closet with either of these tours. The only reason I had pictures of my condo is because of it being put up for sale. And the only reason I am taking pictures of my disasterous closet is because I thought it would be fun. And those are the only reasons my friends.
Okay so before I start this lil tour, please keep in mind that I have no space in my condo whatsoever and I've really grown out of it, physically. I mean it's crazy at this point. So my closet is on the left. It's about 5' x 5'. Kinda sorta walk in but not when you have bags behind the door!
When you first walk in and look up, you see some additional racking that my Dad installed so I'd have more room. Those are holiday decorations up top, then one shelf down is my Vera hanging bag, jeans, cords, kickball and extra sheets and towels in the bin.
On the left side up top are two big bags full of winter clothes (yes I have to alternate out twice a year) and more Christmas decorations. I think one of those bags is full of shoes too. Second shelf down is actually more organized than it looks. Far left are my fancier tanks then tanks for running, then shorts, then beach towels and a transitional few sweaters. My ironing pile is on top of my shorts!
Then below that shelf are all my dresses.
Straight ahead are all my tops organized by type. From the far left are short sleeve tees, sleeveless tops that need to hang, Jackie Cardigan shells, Jackie Cardigans (excessive number) then my collared shirts.
Below all of my tops are my bottoms - pants on the left, skirts on the right. And you can see that I store my shoes in two big bins. One bin for extra nice shoes, one bin for flops! And my pool/beach bag is on the far right.
On the back of my closet door, I have this rack that my brother gave me awhile ago that I hang some of my purses on.
So as you can see, my closet is packed out and needs serious help. Actually I just need a bigger closet then I'd be set. I've seriously tried my best to organize and I just don't know how to make it better with what I've got. Things are stored in every inch of it.
Helllooooooo new house! One day! Until then, I'll survive! :) Okay now yall should do house and closet tours so we can see where you live!


  1. I would be scared to post my closet!!
    At my old condo mine looked just like yours except in my extra room I had all my coats.
    I too, had to switch out winter and summer. One big secret I had/still have is that my round tables in my rooms are actually big gallon trash cans that I store stuff in. My Mom came up with this and had round wood tops cut for them and then put the piece of fabric over it and you would never know!
    Right now I use it to store my winter boots and shoes.
    When I moved in with Brad there was/is a ton more room. I don't have to switch out anymore. I have one closet summer and one closet winter and work clothes.
    Thanks for sharing!!

  2. Great job with additional shelving up high - I appreciate never having wasted space. I live in 750 sq. ft, and the best investment Ive made is the Real Simple slim hangers from Bed Bath and Beyond. They helped me gain so much more space!

    Good luck!!

  3. Love all your shelving! I always try to maximize space as well. I just moved from an enormous 10X5 walk in to a teeny tiny 5X3 and am having to switch out my clothes by season for the first time. This is such a fun post! xoxo

  4. Your closet looks so organized compared to mine!! I love all the shelving and the purse hooks.. it looks like it would be easy to find everything.

  5. I need to take your tips and use more clear containers to make my closet more organized. :) Any tips of how you organize your shoes?

  6. Good organizing tips! New follower :)


    elle xoxo

  7. My closet is too small too!!! Ugh :)

    I have to switch my summer and winter clothes too since there's not enough space for both. And all of my T-shirts go in an underbed storage box since there's (again) no space in my closet. Some day we'll both have the closet of our dreams!!!

  8. What I wouldn't give to raid your closet! I'd kill for some of your adorable dresses!

  9. My closet looks the same way! I don't know how both of us are going to share a closet with our fiance's haha!


  10. You definitely need a bigger closet!! But.. I'm sure you will find a way to fill it up too. Isn't that always the way :)

  11. Awesome job on the closet post! I am starting to clean the entire closet/room area and then I will post a little closet tour of my own!



  12. This brings back memories! You've done a GREAT job maximizing your space. Now, imagine when T.J. and I SHARED that closet! Three storage units later... we finally fit everything! You will love a house and will truly appreciate all of the extra space!


  13. I'm wearing a Jackie cardigan right now! :) Thanks for sharing your closet. I think you did a phenomenal job with storage. I also adore your black KS tote with the pink/red and the adorable hooks it hangs on. Fingers crossed for bigger closets in your next place!

  14. I would love to have a whole room for a closet, too! Hehe!

    PS--I have that same tan Longchamp--it was the first one I bought and I still use it more than any of my others!