Thursday, August 4, 2011

Hair Do's and OOTD's

I've been trying some new things with my hair this week because let's be honest, every gal needs a new hair do every now and then!  As some may know, my hair is naturally curly.  I don't ever wear it like that because I'm super self conscious but if it is longer, I don't mind trying it like once a quarter haha. 

Tuesday night I didn't have much time to do my hair so I tried curly.  First step out of the shower is to towel dry your hair.  Second step is to put a decent amount of the Tigi Curl's Rock in....

3rd step is to put this Tigi's Curl's Rock in.  They are part of a 3 or 4 step process.  I just do these two.

Then I go to bed and prop my hair up on my pillow (aka, don't lay flat on it).  I like to go right to bed so I'm not standing up and my curls don't fall flat. 

This week I did something a lil different.  Instead of having my hair sprawled out on my pillow, I put it in a bun.  I've heard that you can get some great wave going on by doing it like this.  Well this was the result the next morning.

Okay so now yall can see why I'm self conscious!  I have too much hair!  Anyway it didn't look too terrible so I sported it to work like this.  At lunch it went up because I was over it and it was 1,000 degrees outside.

And then after a quick lil 3 mile walk with Fran last night, it was highly essential that my hair got did!  In a normal way haha!  Well actually this is kinda new too.  I used to wash and all out blow dry my hair with no process then I'd just flat iron it.  Now I wash, blow dry most of the moisture then section it off and dry with a large round brush.  It looks more smooth, my hair is healthier because I'm not frying it and it's quicker. 
Don't you hate going to the salon and you so wish you could do it how your hairdresser does it?  Next time, ask her for help on how you can do it like that at home.  That's what I did and she was so glad I asked.  And since I'm doing it like that now she said she can see a difference in my hair being healthier.

Hope you enjoyed my lil hair blog today!  I suppose you saw my outfits of the day too.  As you can tell, my work outfits are centered around suit skirts and J. Crew Jackie Cardigans. 

(And no I'm not friendly in the morning hence why I cover my face in these pictures.)


  1. Cute! My hair has some wave but not a ton.

  2. I recently came to the conclusion (finally & sadly) that good hair doesn't just happen. You have to use products and put some effort in...which is hard if you're "not friendly in the morning" or trying to rush before your kids wake up! I asked for a blow out tutorial recently too and it has helped so much!

  3. I think your hair looks very pretty wavy! I have wavy hair (check out my "fertile hair" post). I really love it and have received many compliments but sometimes it does get unruly, and I need it to be straight. All Summer I've just been using the same hair strategy you have for work. When I just dry my hair and don't straighten it, it looks really healthy and has a slight wave with lots of natural bounce. Have you tried Redken curl spray? It's amazing for curly hair! Sorry about this long comment-it's a topic I have a lot to say about haha!

  4. I wish my stylist could blow dry my hair every day. I'm sure to turn into that old lady who gets her hair done weekly at some point!

  5. Your hair turned out really pretty when you put it in a bun! I do this all the time because it's so easy. I'm getting my hair done on Saturday woo hoo!