Thursday, June 30, 2011

Vineyard Vines Grand Opening in Charlotte

Yall - yesterday was a BIG day!  We got to go to the Vineyard Vines Grand Opening here in Charlotte as (what felt like) VIP's!  Some of us bloggers got a special invite from Vineyard Vines to attend their Grand Opening an hour early than it opening to the public!  It was amazing!
Kevin, me, Ian, Shep, April, Lauren

We got to hang out with Shep and Ian - the founders of Vineyard Vines.  They are so laid back and humble - just all around great guys.  They told us that they still go into the office every day!  Can you believe that?! 

And they certainly know how to throw a party!  Ian made sure all the ladies got a drink (wine, beer or a specialty cocktail) and they had fabulous hors d'oeuvres too.  Check this one out - tomato soup in a shot glass with mini grilled cheeses stuck in them!  Genius!

They had amazing little crab cakes and some pulled pork sliders!  They knew they were down south with the sliders! ;)  We told Shep and Ian how glad we were that they finally came south and opened a store and that we hope they've enjoyed Charlotte on their visits!

They told us about how they have folks come to Connecticut from their Nashville store and how they took them on their boat and they were freaking out that they were on a boat.  Hilarious! 

They were giving 10% off and an additional 10% to Junior League so Kevin ended up getting a new pair of shorts (Dock shorts) which he really liked.  It was so crowded in there once the party got hopping so I'm going to go back another time and check it out!  I did try on a couple skirts (the crab and lobster Margo and also the seersucker Maritime) -- their fits were perfect.  So comfy and classy!

And of course the whale made a visit too! 

So look at the ah-mazing goodies they spoiled us bloggers with!!!  A wine bag, personalized koozie that has "Charlotte" with the latitude and longitude of Charlotte on it, same thing with the hat, sunglasses that have Vineyard Vines written on the side, an acrylic glass with a polka dot whale, a couple magazines (Charlotte and VV), chapstick and the best part - a VV bangle!!!  Umm how gorgeous is that?!!!
They were all so generous to us and I'm truly thankful for the opportunity!  We had the best time!

Special thank you to Vineyard Vines and Rachel for making sure I was included!


  1. This looks so fun, you lucky girl!!

  2. I am jealous that must have been SO Much fun! I love the pictures w/ you al, Ian and Shep! The mini grill cheeses in tomato soup may be the greatest Hors d'oeuvres EVER! I can’t get over that goodie bag...blogging certainly paid off. Today is the last day to vote in the Lilly Lovers contest...wish me luck! xx

  3. Super jealous! How fun to meet Ian & Shep and eat and shop! Awesome goodies too...they need to bring it on down to ATL!

  4. I am sooo jealous of your goody bag! When the VV opened up near me I was at school so I couldn't come up for it:( It looks like so much fun!!

  5. What a blast!!! Glad that you had such a good time :)

    I'm jealous of that gift bag and that you got your picture taken with the VV whale. That picture should be a contender for your Christmas card photo this year :)

  6. The Vineyard Vines crew seriously knows how to throw a fabulous party! That goody bag is amazing. I love the bangle, but the sunnies and glass are great as well.

    I adore VV skirts, I have a few I wear very very often. I'd love to live a bit closer to a store. Glad to see the company is doing so well and continuing to expand. Shep and Ian sound like such great guys. :)

  7. Ah, I love Vineyard Vines and it sounds like a great party! Plus, I love to hear when CEOs are still humble and grateful to their customers.

  8. Wowee!! You were cool to be invited! I want that bangle and to meet Shep & Ian! Super jealous!

  9. So jealous! Look at you getting free stuff AND mini grilled cheese sandwiches! So fun!