Monday, June 27, 2011

A Two Wedding Weekend

Friday night we layed low in preparation for a big Saturday full of two exciting weddings!  One was about an hour south of Charlotte for one of Kevin's high school friends.  It was a very sweet ceremony and we're so happy for Mark and Cindy.  I know you aren't supposed to take pictures during a ceremony but since we had to leave the second the ceremony was done, I did snap one.

We drove up to Winston-Salem, NC and did a quick change in Kevin's parent's hotel room then headed to Kevin's cousin's wedding at the Greylyn House.  Wow, what a beautiful place it was!

Anna and Jordan are the cutest couple!  Wasn't she a stunning bride?

Kevin and his Mama!

Here is Kevin with his parents and great Aunt Kate.  Yall have heard me talk about Aunt Kate before.  She is the sweeeeetest lady you'll ever meet. 

They had a fabulous menu (shrimp and grits, carving station, fancy chicken fingers, veggies etc.) then we all went downstairs where the band was playing and it opened out onto the lawn.  It was the perfect set up.  Kevin and I...

The girls all did their Sigma Kappa song for the newly married.  We do this for Chi Omega too so it was really fun to get to see their tradition!

Kevin and some of the guy side of his family.  Nice guys!  The bride's dad is the 2nd from the right. 

The bride and I!

And they're off to St. Lucia!  They did a fake drive around and went up to their room to shower and change then got in a limo at 1:30am for the ride down to Charlotte.  Their flight was at 4:30am!
Their wedding was absolutely perfect in every way and we wish them all the best!

Yesterday we went to a party at the Epicentre for a couple hours with our friends Misty and Steven.  The party was called Soak and everyone had water guns and everything and of course there was a DJ.  It wasn't really our cup of tea (we definitely stuck out as not having enough tattoos or skimpy enough clothes) but it was nice to try something different only 2 blocks from our building. 

Last night I had a girls night with two special ladies which I'll post about tomorrow!


  1. wow two weddings in one weekend??? Looks like soo much fun though! Love the sorority traditions, can't wait for my sisters to do that to me when I get married!

  2. Busy weekend! Fake drive around.. haha! We thought of doing that but decided it wasn't worth it. We just went to bed instead!
    Love your blue dress!

  3. What a great weekend -- you did so much! I can't believe you were able to fit in two weddings in one weekend ... in different cities, mind you! The blue dress is fantastic on you, by the way.

  4. Aw, it looks like you had such a blast and I love the cake! It's so timeless and elegant. :)

  5. I loveee weddings! They're so much fun :) You looked beautiful!

  6. How fun! And hmmm..what are these Sigma Kappa and Chi O songs!? The only Alpha Phi song I can think of is a dirty one, haha! And then we have a few boring ones we sing during ceremony...

    PS--Make sure to check out my giveaway in the morning!

  7. such a fun weekend with the weddings!

    i love seeing the other sorority traditions for weddings as well! i know we have one but it was never big at my college to do it.

  8. What fun! I was a Sigma Kappa at Elon. Were these girls Sig Kaps at NC State? Sadly, the tradition isn't big with my chapter. I tried to get everyone to do a song at a friend's wedding recently, but no luck! :)