Thursday, June 16, 2011

Travel Day of Fun

Whew-we, yesterday was a long one my friends!  Let's just say this - I challenged US Air and they worked some MAJOR magic for me. 

Got up early for a run in Charlotte.  Showered and headed to the airport.  Easy peasy flight to NYC (Laguardia airport).  Check out this view coming in.  To the far left is the financial district of Manhattan then on the far right is the midtown area.  Pretty cool shot, huh?!

Got my rental car and drove out to PA.  Had, just had to stop by J. Crew outlet for less than 10 minutes to pick up a couple classic "perfect tanks."  I had been wanting these but had been waiting til I was near an outlet and Pennsylvania has no sales tax.  AND....they were on sale for $8. 

I was sitting at a stoplight leaving the outlet center and looked over.  Check this chapel out.  It's literally right off a major interstate and to the left is a big cemetary that this sits next to.  Crazy!
Then the real excitement began!  I went to see our construction site of the retail store we're building in this municipality then I had a 7pm meeting.  Oh and I always eat dinner at the same little diner in town - love the hole in the wall places. 

So I finished my meeting around 7:10pm - literally it was that quick - can you say waste of time/flight/$$???  Anyway, I decided to head back to the NYC area but would call US Air to see if they had a late flight going back to Charlotte from anywhere up that way.  Best they could do was a Philly flight that was supposed to leave at 9pm but was delayed to 10:40pm.  I debated but said, what the heck and went for it.  I drove the 2 hours down there and canceled my hotel on the way (Hilton is super cool about this since I travel (too much!)).  Then onto Hertz....well I won't get into that because I'm really not happy with them.  I will be making a phone call later today about that. 

At this point, I'm at the Philly airport, I now have no car or hotel reservation and I'm standing at the ticket counter begging to get on the Charlotte flight. 

They can't book me on it because it was pass the departure time.  I was not happy because the Preferred desk told me to come down here to Philly!  Anyway, I called the Preferred desk back (as I'm standing at the US Air ticket counter!) and I got an awesome lady that went above and beyond for me.  She basically went up and up until she got someone that would let her book it.  Talk about amazing, right?!  I'm not saying the flight was cheap, I'm just saying that I got to come home last night!

We left Philly about 10:45pm and got into Charlotte around midnight.  I got home about 12:30am.  Looooongggggg day and lots of driving but totally worth it to sleep in my own bed!  I really needed this extra day here in Charlotte this week!

Are yall tired of hearing my crazy travel stories yet?!  They're fun to document and look back on!


  1. Kudos to you on all the business travel. I don't mind doing it every once and while but I couldn't do it all the time.
    Umm..10-minute meeting. That is/was a waste.

  2. Wow, you are brave ... after a nice dinner, I'd just have gone to the hotel and called it a night. But I couldn't agree more -- there's nothing like sleeping in your own bed! My crazy travel starts in 3 weeks - ugh.

  3. So glad to hear your story had a happy ending. How fabulous to spend the night at home, even if it was more than a little stressful to get there! ;)

  4. wow your schedule sounds crazy! I love that you stopped to pick up the tanks....that was just too good of a deal!

  5. That was one crazy day! Glad that you made it home safe and sound and enjoyed sleeping in your own bed last night :)

    And hooray for super nice airline employees :)

  6. Wow..I don't know how you do it!! I totally agree though--nothing beats a good night's rest at home!

  7. I would have started crying!! Haha. But good job getting a flight home and I agree with everyone else - you are brave! Glad you're home safe and sound :)