Wednesday, June 1, 2011

1 Year for GIA and Pamela Cassidy Designs

I have something really great to show you today but first I want to say Happy 1 Year to Kevin for starting his business.  Today marks the day in 2010 when he bought his Allstate Agency.  It's been a year of learning but also great achievements.

To commerate the big event and how proud I am of him, I stopped by one of my favorite shops, BD Jeffries and picked up an hourglass.  He can set it on his desk and it will remind him of the past and where he has gotten to today and where he will go in the future.  I thought it was fun! ;)

Today I want to tell you about Pamela Cassidy Designs.  See the print above my jewelry box?  Gorgeous, right?!  I got it when I was in Maryland with my Mama shopping at a local gift shop there.  It's an 11x13 print and comes frame ready.  I found this frame at Home Goods for $9.99!  So total price of this beauty is around $25-30! 

She also has other prints and they are all stunning.  These are a few of my favorite.  You can get them as prints, (pretty) kitchen towels, gift enclosures and more.  Check out her website here for all the options and locations of shops she sells in!

I love this one too - so classy!

And of course I ended up also buying the blue crab.  I'm still searching for the perfect frame but it will go in my bathroom when I find it.  So fun!
Go see what you can find on her website or at a local shop!


  1. Oh, these prints are lovely!! I'm checking out the website now! I also love your green pillows in the top picture and congrats to Kevin! I've seen that hourglass in a shop in Richmond and think it's so cool!

  2. the hourglass idea is so clever! I'm in love with those prints, I'm going to her website right now!

  3. wow congrats to Kevin on the 1 year of his Allstate business!! that's a really exciting achievement. the hourglass gift you got him is so perfect!

    thanks so much Annie for your sweet words about my move. my boyfriend is coming with me! :)

  4. I love, love, love the blue crab!! (But all three are pretty).. I'm just in love with anything nautical I guess :)

  5. Those prints are fabulous! I'm looking up the website right now :)

    And congrats to Kevin! Your hourglass gift is the perfect reminder of his accomplishment :)

  6. These prints will be perfect in my new house. They are so fun and fabulous. Thanks for posting the link.

    Also, CONGRATS to Kevin! What a huge accomplishment!

  7. Congrats to Kevin! What an accomplishment! I'm loving those prints, especially the crab! Hope you're having a great week!

  8. Dear Anne,

    Congratualations to Kevin!

    I love gifts with meaning.

    Thank you for sharing the pictures.

    I like the blue crab and of
    course I love doors.

    Have you ever seen the Doors of Cape Cod print?

    If you want to see a funny movie go see Bridesmaids.

    Enjoy your weekend.


    Coastal Blue Ocean