Sunday, June 19, 2011

Happy Father's Day - Josh Turner Lyrics

Dad - Happy Father's Day to the best one in the world! You do so much for others and I hope you feel special today!

We have had so many fun times over the years and that is thanks to how hard you and Mom have worked over the years.

You have always been so selfless and taught Clay and I so much.

You're a leader in the community and I'm always proud to tell everyone that you're my Dad.

You're my gin and tonic buddy (I learned from you well), we've run many miles together, blackberry messaged millions of times, talked geeky engineering and played computer too.

We've partied on down at lots of yall's friends weddings and now my friends weddings (and many other events in between).

And you're the best Poppa around too!
Also, Happy Father's Day to my brother!  He's the best Daddy to Anna Kate and another baby on the way!!!   (Yes, big news that I thought would be fun to share today!)  I'm going to be an Aunt times two!!!
I saw this song on D's blog the other day and knew I had to post the lyrics for my Dad...he's always been there.  And I wish I could be in Maryland with you all today!

 Josh Turner - I'll Be There

When you need picked up 'cause you fell down
Need a piggyback right or a birthday clown
Need a song to take you to sleepy town
I'll be there

When you need a coach or you need a fan
Need a castle built out of ocean sand
Or a rainbow chaser, I'm your man
I'll be there
I'll be a tear dryer
A paper airplane flyer
A monster runner-offer if you get scared
I'll be a sap
I'll be a sucker
A story maker-upper
Anytime, anything, anywhere
I'll be there
When you break your heart or skin your knee
Need a big ol' hug or a bowl of ice cream
I promise you can count on me
I'll be a heart mender
A prayer sender
A hoper and believer when it's all up in the air
A strong and steady shoulder
I'll be a secret holder
Anytime, anything, anywhere
I'll be there
If you need a frown turned to a grin
Or you need a hand just to hold your hand
Need a daddy or you just need a friend
I'll be there
I'll be there
I'll be there


  1. This is the cutest post ever! I love the pictures, and the lyrics are perfect for Father's Day!

  2. such a cute post! Happy Father's Day to your Dad!

  3. Great post! Congrats to your brother and his wife!

  4. Such a sweet, sweet post--it sounds like you have a special dad!