Friday, June 24, 2011

Alive After Five - The Roots

Warning - these are not the most attractive pictures ever!  But let me tell yall - we simply had the best time last night!

When the night began, Kevin and I thought it was a date night.  We went to Flemings for an appetizer and a glass of wine.  Then we decided to heard upstairs to Alive After Five.  A band called The Root (I think) was playing and they were great.  We ended up seeing some of our neighbors and the rest of the night was history!

Misty on the left is engaged to one of Kevin's and my friends from Avenue and they are getting married in October - we're very happy for them!  Kevin hung with Steven while us three girls went to the front of the band area and danced!  I mean let's be honest, no better time than the present - get out there and dance!

It was a beautiful night in downtown Charlotte and we loved it!  Sometimes you have more fun when it's unexpected, right?!

Then Kevin and I went to Aria and of course ended up at Stool Pigeons when we should have gone home!
Oh well, sometimes that's the way the cookie do things you regret the next day, ha!

So today we're on a big diet and I don't know about yall, but I'm so thankful it's Friday! 

Who has fun weekend plans?  We have two weddings tomorrow which are about 3 hours apart!  We're so looking forward to both!


  1. 2 weddings in one day! WHOA! Yes, I know those nights when you should have gone home! LOL!

  2. You guys make so much fun out of "school nights"! I love it! What did we do last night, let's see, I took a cardio class, picked up food for us from Teet, we watched the news, went to bed? LOL!

    Have fun at the weddings! We'll be at our lakehouse for the weekend -- we'll be doing a whole lot of nothing!

  3. 2 weddings in one day! Wow, have fun at both of them!

  4. Unexpected nights of fun are always the best! Have a good weekend!

  5. After this weekend, I really need to be on a diet. I literally feel like I gained 10 pounds. Haha!