Friday, June 10, 2011

Lilly Pulitzer Warehouse Sale 2011 Recap

I'm back from Pennsylvania and so thrilled to share my Lilly Warehouse Sale recap with you!  I got to the Convention Center on Wednesday night and lots of Lilly loving ladies were waiting in line for a number!  They camp out overnight for the coveted number! 
Since I was working all day, I wasn't able to get a great number but hey, at least I got one!  They are very important to get in the sale earlier rather than later!

I stayed the night at the hotel right at the Convention Center and it was so easy.  I definitely recommend staying at the Scanticon!  You can just take the elevator right downstairs at 4:15am!

I got into the sale around 5:30am.  It opened at 5 so I only had to wait for the others to go in before me.  There were soooo many more things this year than last June.  Lots more samples too! 

As you can see, everything is very organized and everyone is so nice that is working the sale!  Oh - the employees get to shop the day before everyone....wouldn't that be great to be an employees?  All the clothing is by type then by size.  Minnie's separated out and so are all the accessories.  Lots of Murfee Scarves this year too!

So here are the goods!  These are Anna Kate's finds!  I talked to Emily at 6am about what she would want for her.  From L to R - sample shift dress, tunic, sample pants and sample dress!  All for $75!

Suz requested this dress!  It was $69.  Oh and best part about PA - no tax!

I got Kelly some great things too!  Sample shirt ($30), amazing pink dress with special beading on top ($89) (love this one!), navy Adelson ($119) and cardigan ($29).

And I really made an effort to not get dresses for myself so I tried to get some different things.  L to R - tunic/bathing suit cover up (light and comfy for summer), white Heather tank, Callahan shorts, Shauna dress and on top is the one shoulder silk top.  Oh and I scored the Gold McKim wedges as a sample for $40.  All of this was less than $300.
So as you can see - lots of deals to be had ladies!  I know there will be lots left for you if you plan to go today or tomorrow!

Let me know if you have any questions - I'd be happy to help!  And please post your recaps as I'm anxious to see what you all found!


  1. Wish I co go.
    Looks like you got some great finds.
    I am going to the Wilton (baking) version of this because it is closer to me.
    One of these days I will go to the Lilly hopefully.

  2. Dear Anne,

    Ah, the life.

    Sounds like such fun.

    I wouldn't be able to control my

    Have a great weekend.


    Coastal Blue Ocean

  3. WOW - amazing. I love that in your first pic you see a big purple ECU chair ... the Southern gals have descended on PA! Ian went to ECU so I can spot that logo a mile away. :) LOVE all of your finds ... maybe I need to find a reason to go next year!

  4. You got some amazing deals! I'm extremely jealous :)

  5. fun! I've never been to one of these sales. maybe next year? :)

  6. I wish they would go out on a limb and have a sale in the south one year!

  7. You lucky duck to scoop up the Roe at the WH sale! I love all of your finds. So glad you had a great time. I absolutely MUST go sometime soon. :)

  8. It was a pleasure to meet you at the sale! We ended up having to leave early because Olivia became ill but we scored lots of goodies before we left. I hope to see you at the next sale and on Re-Lilly!

  9. You DID get some great items! Love all of your Lilly loot! :)

  10. I just posted my recap- so fun! Congrats on being 318 :)

  11. Shut the front door!!! I'm super jealous!!! Glad you got lots of steals!!!

  12. Best time ever!!! I loved living every minute through you (it was almost as good as being there). I sooo wish I could have gone this June too. Let's plan to go again in November!!! Enjoy your great steals!!! Xoxo-BLC

  13. I'm so jealous! I would wear ALL of Anna Kate's finds, even though she's a minnie, ha! I also LOVE the one-shoulder top you got!

  14. I am glad you got the butterfly top. It was wonderful meeting you!

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