Monday, June 20, 2011

Lots of Birthday's!

On Friday after work, we headed to the Avenue pool with some of our neighbors for a Friday happy hour and hanging out!  We love doing that on Fridays and it is so relaxing.  Sometimes we stay up there late enough to watch the sunset - gorgeous. 

I headed upstairs to change and get ready to go out for Lauren's birthday!  Emily picked Tara and I up from downtown and we headed to Soul in Plaza Midwood.  They have sushi and tapas.  Pretty cool spot!

Then we headed to Whiskey Warehouse to check that out.  It was kinda dead in there but they did play good music.

Then we headed out but Tara and I decided to go check out Thomas Street Tavern.

They were packed in there but we sat down and people watched and chatted.  A couple neighbors from my building were there too so we hung with them too.  We grabbed a cab and headed back home (Tara lives just a couple blocks from me).  We all had fun celebrating Lauren's big day!

On Saturday morning I woke up early to do my hair and get to a spa appointment.  Kevin had gotten me a spa day for a Living Social thing awhile back so I was super excited to use it!  It was a 30 minute massage, 30 minute facial and a manicure.  I ended up not having time for the manicure but they're letting me come back this week to get that done.  Modern is so super nice and I loved the massage and facial - probably my most favorite ones ever. 

I jetted home and Kevin was all ready and we loaded up the car and headed to Kevin's parents home to throw his Mama a surprise birthday party!

We set up shop in their garage because this is the best place at their home for a party because they have great decks on the back of their home so we can all spread out!  It's perfect!

Check out this cake that one of Kevin's friend's wives made.  Amazing right? 

And she arrived!!!  She was so surprised - it was fantastic! 

Checking out the invitation that everyone had received!

Kevin's adorable parents! 

Then the 6 of us (Kevin's parents, his bro and sis in law, Kevin and I) sat on their back deck and she opened some gifts!  Kevin gave her a frame with a picture in it and I gave her some monogrammed soaps!  Oh - did I mention that we got a huge storm in the middle of the party and the power went out?  It ended up being fine but it was crazy that it happened! 
We stayed on the back deck because it was much cooler out there after the storm than in the house without power.  We had a lovely time socializing and all that good stuff.  Kevin and I headed back to Charlotte later that night. 

Yesterday I got up and ran and Kevin evidently slept until 11 or 12ish.  Crazy!  I had done lots of things by then!  We headed back down to his parent's home for a Father's Day cookout around 4ish.  They grilled steaks and I brought a potato casserole and slaw.  His Mama made an amazing pie that I'll have to get the recipe for.  It was cool and summery!

All in all, a fabulous weekend and I swear they get shorter every week!  Back to the grind on this hot Monday! 


  1. That cake is absolutely adorable! I know his mom must have really enjoyed her celebration :) Eeks that the power went out!

  2. We like Whiskey Warehouse but haven't been there since the rooftop opened. Those storms were crazy. Afterwards is when we took the pontoon out.

  3. The cake is so cute! Looks like you had a fun weekend!

  4. that's a really pretty cake! and sounds like you had a great weekend, and father's day cookout involving steaks?! yummm!

  5. That cake is so cute--can't believe it's homemade! Looks like a fun weekend!

  6. Oh my goodness, that cake is amazing! I've always wanted to make something like that but I don't think I ever could... maybe I should start with something a little smaller.. like cupcakes! haha.

  7. That cake is amazing! Happy Birthday to both the ladies! BTW love your top, very cute.