Wednesday, June 8, 2011


Oh man, yesterday, everything that could possibly go wrong travel wise, went wrong.  At some point you just have to laugh about it.  It does no good to get all wired up and upset.  I did learn to never book a connection (just to pick up an extra leg) in the northeast between 3-7pm.  Umm you would think after 6 years of travel, I'd know that.  ANYWAY, I'm very thankful for the US Air Club and I was lucky enough to be upgraded to the front of the bus for both legs.  I made it to my hotel in PA around 10:45pm last night.

So have I mentioned that my car was mysteriously hit a few weeks ago?  I retraced where I had been and it was not physically possible to happen in a parking spot.  It was hit at the dealership.  No bueno.  They are making it right though and fixing it at no charge.

I burnt the daylight out of my right index finger on my straightening iron on Saturday night.  It blistered immediately but it doesn't hurt any more.

This is the Elizabeth McKay dress I got 50% off at the Cottage Chic sidewalk sale.  Love.  It's a shift but I'd say it's more dressy than a typical one.  The material is really nice and it's lined.
Off to take a tour of PA (3 different meetings today all over the eastern side of PA) then end up in Philly late tonight.  Happy Hump Day!


  1. Have fun in PA! And I'm so sorry you haven't had the best of luck lately.. hopefully nothing else will go wrong! :)

  2. When it rains, it pours! At least your bad luck all occurred in threes, so you should be pretty set for a while.

    I'm headed today to New Bern, and even with stressful air travel, I wish I were flying instead of driving, YUK!

  3. Ouch! I hate when that happens with straightners. Cute dress... Makes up for the other stuff going wrong!

  4. Ugh, I hate days like that! My mom says things like this always happen in 3's, so hopefully between the travel hassels, car, and finger you're done with your 3! Love your dress though--I'm super jealous!

  5. Glad they'e fixing your car! That's horrible! Love the dress!!! I wish Elizabeth McKay was sold in stl!!