Monday, October 18, 2010

Weekend - Movie, Lindsey, Surprise Party, Football

On Friday night, Kevin and I went to see Social Network.  It was a pretty good movie though I got a lil sleepy at the end (as usual) and that's why I hardly watch movies.  Haha!  When we got out they had some red carpet thing going on but noone was at it at the time so Kevin made me get up there.  Clearly I don't have that look....
Here we are at Mez.  It definitely turns really clubby outside of the movie theatre at the bar.  This picture looks really weird with the woman in the background haha.   
Saturday morning I got up and ran 4.5 miles.  Trying to run a lot more and Dad and I are running in a race in 2 weeks.  I need to beat him!!!

On Saturday afternoon I got to meet up with Lindsey and her Mama at Dean and Deluca wine bar.  It was SO great seeing her.  There is just something about old friends that I just love.  They have a great week ahead of them in Asheville getting pampered.  Love it!
Here are Lindsey and I!
Then I had to jet off for a surprise 30th birthday part for Corey at Town Tavern.  His girlfriend Erica had sent him on a scavenger hunt and at each bar was one of his friends waiting.  The last one was a bit group.  Isn't she so creative??? 

Here are the guys.

 And the ladies...
Sunday we spent the day watching football and I completed my Pampered Chef order.  I can't wait to get all the goodies from that!  Hope you all enjoyed your weekend!  Monday always comes too quickly!

And yall - seriously what am I doing wrong on these vertical pictures?  I turn them before I upload them but they still come in wrong!!!


  1. Looks like a terrific weekend

  2. a scavenger hunt! what a fun idea!

  3. I haven't a clue why blogger is turning your pics sideways, but blogger + pictures seems to be giving everyone a run for their money in the last week.

    I felt the exact same way about The Social Network. The last 30 min had me bored to death!

  4. Looks like a fun weekend B! Not sure why the photos are doing that. Have you tried deleting them and resaving the other way and then uploading again?!