Monday, October 4, 2010

Weekend and Anna Kate's Fiesta!

So these pictures are VERY out of order but I have no time and Blogger is making me frustrated!  Haha!

I had a blast in Pawleys Island this past weekend at Anna Kate's 3rd birthday!  She was so cute (of course!) and it was great to see everyone!

Here is Anna Kate reading to her new baby in the cul-de-sac!  No better time than the present is what she was thinking about plopping down in the middle of the road!
 Emily and Clay had her birthday party at their yacht club called The Reserve.  It is gorgeous!  Emily planned lots of events including a lil scavenger hunt...

This is Anna Kate and her boyfriend Fisher.  He lives next door.  Their marriage has been arranged ;)!
 Everyone got lil sombreros!
 Dora pinata was a big hit!
 Yesterday before I left, Anna Kate tried on the "nastics" leotard I gave her and then got on her swing set with Nannie!
So cute!
 Then we went out to lunch at True Blue Plantation.  From left to right - my mom, my brother, me, my dad, Anna Kate, Emily and Emily's parents.  Very fun!
 Nannie and Poppa with Anna Kate!
 Granddaddy and Magee with Anna Kate!
 The "kids."
 My girl!!!!
 Yeah remember what I was telling you about out of order pictures?!!  This is when I first got there on Saturday morning.  She opened what I gave her right away.  I also gave her a mini piglet and goofy stuffed animals that were mine as a child.  Those were the highlights, not the leotard!
 Strolling her new baby in her new stroller that the grandparents conveniently did on purpose!  This made one happy lil girl! 
 Strolling and strolling and strolling....
I came back yesterday and Kevin wanted to go out to dinner to celebrate 1.5 years!  :)  We went downstairs to Dandelion and had a few small plates.  It was fun for something different especially on a Sunday night when we typically cook at home. 
I think he may be feeling a bit better since his cold he got late last week.  He didn't go to Pawleys because of it which I was sad but I got over haha!

Happy Monday.  What did you all do this past weekend?

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  1. Anna Kate is just precious!! Looks like you had a great weekend!! Congrats to you and Kevin on 1.5 years!! =)