Tuesday, October 12, 2010


In my book, a handwritten thank you note or a note to say hello goes a long way.  You can never go wrong with sending one!  Plus Mama always taught us to write a thank you note for receiving anything!

Mostly all of my stationery comes from American Stationery.  I've always had a great experience with them and they get a lot of business from Mom and I!  :)  

I have the brown and yellow correspondence cards below... 
I also like these and I think they are a lil more professional looking for sending a note after an interview or a more formal note.
Do you girls use gift enclosure cards?  I use them all.the.time.  They are perfect for a wedding gift, baby shower or a house warming treat. 
Go get some pretty stationery and write away!  :)


  1. Check out English Tea Paperie


    She has the most adorable stationary! I've bought several sets from her and really love her work. She's in Richmond, so local, ish!

  2. I love stationery! I seriously have TONS of pretty stationery, yet I'm always in the market for more!

    Thanks you notes are so important :)

  3. Of course I don't mind! I'm so glad you told her about it. :)

  4. I am a stationery lover and cannot get enough! Glad to see others in the same boat!


  5. Thanks for the info on American Stationery. They have some nice products and good prices. I am in the market for some new stationery, so this info is very helpful. Love & blessings from NC!