Monday, October 11, 2010

Date Night, Wedding and Panthers Game

Blogger is driving me nuts!  I upload a few pictures at once, they come in to the post not rotated and in the wrong order!  AHH!

Anyway, we had a great weekend and I hope yall did too!

Friday night, Kevin and I went to Capital Grille for appetizers and a drink because he had a gift certificate from American Express (he gets one annually - so awesome!).  Then we went to a friends house for a "break in my new blender" party.  Note to careful going to these next time...those drinks can get after you pretty quickly!  :)

On Saturday we went to a wedding reception in Waxhaw which is about 45 minutes south of Charlotte.  It was for Rob and Lindsay.  Kevin went to high school with Rob.  They were such a cute couple!  This is when Kevin and Rob's brother were the only single guys there.  Rob's brother caught the garter....yall know Kevin would have nothing to do with that!!!  It was all we could do to get him up there!

This is at the reception.  They had a last minute change of venue due to renovations at the Women's Club.  Can you imagine finding out 3 weeks prior to your wedding that you can't have it at the original location?  Chaos!! 
After the wedding, we went to Phillips Place to watch the Wall Street movie.  It was good but I didn't understand all of it because of all the financial terms and I hadn't seen the first but Kevin LOVED it.  It is right up his alley!

Sunday, we had Kimmy and Jeff over to watch the Panthers game.  We made some dips and had some beverages.  We love hanging out with them.  You know those couples where both guys and both girls are good friends.....hard to find!  Look how cute they are...

We went to Molly's after the game for a quick bite.  Always love hanging out with you guys!!!

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