Tuesday, October 19, 2010


Anyone had a really special piece of jewelry that they treasure? 

This morning I put on a very fall-y outfit and needed just the right gold necklace for it.  And I was tired of wearing the same ole ones.  I pulled my locket out...a necklace I don't wear often enough because I'm nervous something will happen to it.  But what good is jewelery sitting in your jewelry box?!  Wear things!

So today, I'm proudly sporting my locket which my Poppa gave me on 11/17/1984.  Poppa is my Mom's Dad.  On the front are my initials.

And on the back it says, "Love Poppa" with the date. 

There aren't any pictures in it but I want to ask my Mom if I can get a picture of he and Nanny for one side and a picture of my parents for the other.  It is hard because it is such a small space but we'll see. 

Very cool!  Tell me about a sentimental piece of your jewelry collection!

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  1. How lovely! I never had a locket, but always wanted one!

    I have a charm bracelet that my Meme gave me, and then she'd give me charms for it too. I also have her charm bracelet from when she was young. I never wear it, bc I am afraid of something happening to it!

    (I actually blogged about this not too long ago!)