Thursday, October 28, 2010


This week has been CRAZY.  Traveled Monday and Tuesday, flew back in Tuesday to three large Pampered Chef boxes!  Love getting fun mail.  I received the entire order for all of my friend's goodies!

I got to separate out everyone's things and put them in bags for all my ladies to pick up!  Look at the chaos in my house!   
Then I traveled again yesterday up to VA for the day.  Kevin and I were supposed to go on a Panther's stadium tour but we decided we were too busy (he had another work thing to do).  I got to play catch up and get things ready for my parent's visit this weekend!

And while at Trader Joe's, I picked up a pumpkin.  Last year we went to the pumpkin patch together and had fun doing that, this year = no time so this will have to do!

In about 30 minutes I cleaned out the inside, saved all the seeds and carved this L.  Now I want to do an "E" and "A" on either side for my monogram.  But, I can't figure out how to do the "A" with the middle part.  Am I just not thinking??  And by the way - I have ZERO artistic case you hadn't noticed!


  1. You have been busy this week. I love Pampered Chef stuff, so I know you will love your new things you got from your party. Your pumpkin looks great. Hang in there, you can do the initials! That will look awesome! Have a fun Halloween! Love & blessings from NC!

  2. Do a lower case a....I think that would be easier and less noticable if you left little sections to hold in the middle.