Friday, August 17, 2018

What We've Been Up To!

1.  I put together these little Back to School Survival Kits for Molly Anne's new teachers!  They really needed airplane bottles in them but I didn't think that was too appropriate! ;)

I wrote a note on Molly Anne's stationery and stuck that inside! 

2.  This boy slept 7:30pm-6:30am on Wednesday night which was his 14 week birthday.  He's slept through the night two other times but this was definitely the start of something good, I can just feel it!  And I can see the light at the end of the tunnel!!!  I'm not saying we have let him cry a bunch but I do know that he is put into his crib awake so he can learn how to put himself to sleep.  He is well fed, clean and well burped, of course.  He was soooo happy when he woke up.  We all need long stretches of sleep to feel good, don't we?!  (yes, I was still up at 3am retrieving Mills out of Molly Anne's room - I could hear him on the monitor licking ahh)

3.  I'm a paranoid, crazy person about my children's health (especially lately as you can imagine) and on Sunday morning and Monday morning, Grady woke up not being able to catch his breath like he was choking on an excessive amount of saliva.  I know he's getting his saliva glands right now but that in combo with his reflux wasn't good.  He just couldn't get his act together to swallow right and to be honest, it scared me.  Since it had happened twice, I quickly logged onto my computer and made him an appointment to be seen.  Doc checked his lungs, and his pipes to make sure nothing was abnormal and he didn't see anything that he thought needed a swallow test right now, especially since he's eating well throughout the day.  I will just suction the extra saliva next time.  Yep, I'm crazy.  But I don't play with health stuff yall.  

4.  Monday afternoon these two cuties came over to play!  We made sweet Charlotte a little banner that I need to slip over to her soon!  

And played Frozen dress up haha!

And giggled about being sis's! 

And had the best time with friends!

5.  He's so sweet.  I cannot leave him to go back to work soon ahhhhhh.  

She is so into her cousin's pinkalicious tutu!

6.  We got to see Lochlan on Tuesday for a few minutes and let the boys play!  They are exactly 4 weeks apart in age!  

They were fast friends and have many years of playdates ahead!

7.  I cannot even.  

Hope everyone has a nice weekend!  Molly Anne and I are having a girl's day today! 


  1. The gifts for the teachers are so thoughtful!

  2. Those survival kits are SO perfect!

  3. Aw, that banner. Thank you :)

    We keep a bulb syringe (I think that's what those suction things are called) under Char's cot now. It's definitely scary when you think they are choking on their own secretions and have to act FAST. Glad you're on top of it ... sweet baby boy!

  4. That chubby belly on the docs table! So cute!