Thursday, August 16, 2018

Scotland Day 4 and Transfer to Dublin

Day 4 was Monday, August 6th.  
Here's the gist - 
We had a tour of the Royal Yacht Britannia
We had a brunch at the Hopetoun House
We had a little date afternoon and night by ourselves!

Here are the details - 
The Queen's Royal Yacht!

Loved her champagne bucket the most!  And check out that crystal behind it.  

Her bedroom

This was Princess Diana's honeymoon suite!

The piano on board has been played by an incredible list of famous people!

And it's in the corner of this dining room!

The typical seating plan for when the Queen was on board!

Next stop, they bussed us over to the Hopetoun House.  

We took a carriage ride and had incredible views.

Brunch was amazing.

Tommy, Debbie, Drew, Me, Kevin, Alison, Chris

Three bridges

After we got back from the hotel, we regrouped and got ready to go walk around by ourselves!  Most of these trips we never spend time just the two of us, we're always with friends.  This time we made sure to make a point of having little dates!

Alexander Graham Bell's birthplace

We loved these cute little streets that had cafe after cafe!  The weather was beautiful the entire time we were in Scotland and Ireland by the way.  65-70 degrees during the day and barely rained. Upper 50's at night.  

We stopped for a drink and an appetizer mid afternoon.  

We did some souvenir hunting!  I found these adorable Scottish dolls for my nieces and Molly Anne at a booth during the international festival that was going on.  

Then we went to dinner at Contini.  Another recommendation we had prior to going to Edinburgh.  It was outstanding. 

Burrata, Beet and Cherry salad.  

I had the Contadino because it has always been on their menu and you know it must be their signature dish if that's the case.  Count me in.  

It was so good!

We walked down the Royal Mile after dinner...

And beside the castle again.

We had a luggage pull at midnight that night because they were trucking/boating our luggage to Ireland.  

Next thing we know, fireworks going off outside of our window, right over the castle!

Day 5 - Dublin
We had a chartered flight that morning to Dublin.  Think about how you get 1,400 people from one Country to another.  Not easy.  It was perfectly coordinated though.  

It kept raining on our way and I had just washed my hair the day before - gasp haha!

We got on the bus at the Dublin airport and they took us to our hotel - Trinity City Hotel. 

Unloading all of our bags and they take them directly to our room for us. 

Front of the hotel lit up at night!

Next up, our first day in the Guinness Storehouse!


  1. I would expect a lot more from Princess Di's honeymoon suite! Looks kind of drab!

  2. Such a fun trip. I love that you got to see the Britannia! So jealous! (Have you seen "The Queen at 90" on Netflix? It shows so many scenes from them on that yacht and it's so fascinating to me!)