Wednesday, August 22, 2018

Molly Anne's Last Day and First Day

Ahh Molly Anne started at a big girl school yesterday and I must post all about her last day at Ms. Becky's and her first day at her place!

Her last day at Ms. Becky's was last Thursday because on Friday she and I had a special girls day to celebrate the start of a new school!

Here she is ready for our big day!

We went to the mall and to American Girl, Lego and Disney stores.  This was so much fun and she loved playing in each!  Then we had a fun lunch at the Cheesecake Factory.  The waiter couldn't have been sweeter and he asked what we were celebrating.  I just told him she was starting a new school.  Well after Molly Anne ordered "rainbow cake" he brought it out and he had them write Congratulations on it!  It was adorable that he thought to do that!  

She was so excited!  And you can tell she's way into hand sanitizer these days and got some new princess figurines at the Disney store! ;)  After lunch we watched one of the mall fountains and she threw some pennies in...she was thrilled! 

We ran home, changed for dinner that night and picked up Grady from Ms. Becky.  This happened on the way over there ha!

Ms. Becky is the best.  We are just so fortunate to have had her as part of our family for the last three years and we get more time with her now for Grady!  I literally cannot even talk about how special she is to us!  

She surprised Molly Anne with necklaces, bracelets, a jewelry box, a princess book and a balloon!  I mean yall!  

I had taken Becky this book earlier in the week and asked her to sign it.  I plan to have all of Molly Anne's teachers sign it and will give it to her at her high school graduation!  

So it isn't goodbye to Ms. Becky for Molly Anne because Molly Anne will still get to see her every day when we pick Grady up!  Thank goodness!

On Monday, Molly Anne had a meet the teachers day where we got to go see her classroom and meet Ms. Amy and Ms. Paula for 30 minutes!  

She LOVED it!

Yesterday was her first day and Kevin and I took her!  She didn't even look back at us!  She was sitting at the table and coloring instantly!

She had pizza, green beans and pears for lunch and evidently had a wonderful day!  She didn't nap but laid on her cot quietly the whole two hours.  She played with a friend named "Riva" according to her but there aren't any Riva's in her class!  Ha!  And on the playground she said she had fun going down the slide because it was very fast!  That's about all of the information we were able to pull out of a tired little girl!

And they made this precious artwork! 

I know she will have a great year and I'm just so happy for her!  The structure and challenge will be wonderful for our Molly Anne!  A precious chapter closed but another one has opened! 


  1. Ok - 1. I'm very jealous that MA will stand and smile so sweetly for you! Leo starts running the other way when it turns into picture time! And 2. Her dresses are BEYOND! and 3. That book idea is so sweet and I teared up and Miss Becky's darling note.

  2. That is so very adorable! What a great new start and how wonderful that you have Ms. Becky! That book is such a lovely idea! Here's to hoping that Molly Anne has a wonderful year full of learning! Hugs

  3. Ms. Becky IS such a blessing! I'll miss seeing Molly Anne every day, but I look forward to cuddling sweet little Grady ;)

  4. You all are lucky to have Ms. Becky! And MA will thrive in her new school, but I know you aren't worried about that at all!

  5. So sweet!!! MA looks SO grown up!! We are transitioning to a new, more structured school in a few weeks, it's exciting and so bittersweet!