Wednesday, August 29, 2018

Completed House Pictures

I don't think I've ever showed completed house pictures with our things moved in.  Here it was the morning we moved in.  A lot has changed since December 22nd!  

A few things:

1.  These pictures were taken while we were in Scotland and I didn't know they were happening until after we had scrambled two children, a dog and us out of the house.  So I would have had things a bit different had I known professional pictures were going to be taken by our contractor's photographer.  Ya know, like a full roll of toilet paper folded down perhaps.  Or maybe I would have shut the dishwashers completely.  Or not had the blankets the way they were on the sofas.

2.  ALL the dead landscaping.  Remember in Charlotte the 10 degree days in December?  Yep, that's when our landscaping was planted.  Don't ask.  It wasn't my decision.  But it's all being replaced in the next few weeks when it's prime planting season.  

3.  Two things we (meaning I) would like to get is a new breakfast table and a new coffee table for the porch.  I have this one and this one (or maybe two of the side tables) picked out but they are a really low priority in the grand scheme of things.  I think we've sat at our breakfast table 5 times total since we've moved in?  

4.  These don't include any bedrooms and only part of our bathroom.  They didn't take any pictures of those rooms which is fine because those rooms could use some things on the wall and curtains haha!

5.  A lot of sweat and tears has gone into building this house.  I know way too many details about it.  Every single thing we picked out.  Every single thing we had a say in.  Every single thing we chose.  I'm not going to be shy - we are proud of it.  And it's the gift that keeps on giving..we have 11 items left on the punchlist!  Piddly stuff but still important - Molly Anne's sink not draining, landscaping, installing brackets on the right side of the house, a couple paint items, things like that.  Don't even ask me why this is still going on 8 months after we moved in. Ahhh!

We absolutely love it and functionally it works so well for our family and is exactly what we wanted.  We've gotten to entertain a couple times recently and we love doing that.  We used to do it all of the time uptown at our condos.  We didn't entertain much at our old house but we plan to start having people over more.  Okay here are the pictures...


  1. So much fun to see the final pictures! I searched on the blog, but couldn't find a source for your breakfast nook light...would you mind sharing? Thanks!

  2. SO beautiful!! All that hard work paid off!

  3. Stunning!!! Now I need to convince your contractor to come up to Boston - or my husband to agree on relocating to NC!!

  4. It is stunning, love everything you have such great taste. I am also obsessed with your dining room set and the upholstery on the chairs- such a great way to update a classic.

  5. I’m just catching up on blogs, but your home is beautiful! It’s so neat that you’ve had a say in every detail! Gorgeous!