Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Trip to Maryland

Bare with me today.  I haven't been in my office since last Wednesday and I'm extra nutty with work this week.  Our company closes Friday and Monday for Easter so it's been nice even though I worked both days.  And working when you have a toddler running around isn't easy!  

Thursday morning, Molly Anne and I went to the airport and flew to Maryland to visit my parents for the long weekend!  Whenever I travel with her, I take my diaper bag full of snacks, things to do and my iPad.  And I also bring my trusty navy Longchamp that has traveled literally around the world with me.  I always keep fragile things like her monitor, my make up, her precious baby duck and little blankey in that bag.  Things that I don't need easily accessible.  Then I only keep the diaper bag under the seat in front of me.  And ideally, I never have to get up to get anything.  

Leaving Charlotte we got a sweet view of uptown!  See the Panthers stadium on the right?

I was able to change my seat to be next to an empty seat so even though I didn't pay for her to get a seat, there was an open one right by me.  HIGHLY recommend trying to do this when you travel with an under 2 years of age toddler.  It's a game changer to have her own space especially on these tiny planes that go to my parents home town.  She was an angel on the plane and even knew how to put her own seatbelt on.  I did have to hold her on the way up and on the way down since she was technically an "infant" but that was easy.  

We got to my parents, she took a nap then we did a few errands and stopped at our church playground to play.  They have the most amazing playground.  Wish we had something like it nearby!  

We went over to Rotary where my Dad was and picked up tulips they had ordered and Molly Anne got to see a bunch of my parent's family friends. Chinese take out was on the menu after our little queenie went to bed!

Friday morning we chilled and then went to do some errands.  We were getting ready for the big event!  We had to pick up the fresh crabmeat for crab dip, sticky buns and the Smith Island cake!

Friday night we hung at home and had pizza.  We were supposed to go pick crabs but my Dad felt awful.  Plus Molly Anne didn't nap AT ALL that afternoon. She played in her pack n play for 1.5 hours instead...!  

I love my little twin in our white jeans!  We played outside with bubbles and talked to neighbors.

Saturday mid day, Kevin, his parents, his brother and niece all arrived so we picked them up at the airport then zipped home so Molly Anne could nap.  I had a nice snack that afternoon....

Then Kevin, Molly Anne and I went over to church to meet with the minister who was going to baptize her the next day, on Easter Sunday!  It didn't go so well when we were in her office but I think that's because we were calling her Doctor Harris not Reverend Harris so we think she thought she was at the doctor's office.  She had been so many times in the last few weeks so no wonder she didn't want to be in there.  Side note - Molly Anne LOVED Dr/Rev Harris and hasn't stopped talking about "Doctor Harris" since!

But once we went into the sanctuary, Molly Anne was her normal self - happy and crazy!

That evening we had crab dip at home.  Molly Anne was OBSESSED.  It was pretty much the first time she had had chips because I was paranoid they would scratch her throat.  Umm no, she was fine.  She devoured Nannie's crab dip.  Smart girl.  

Then met up with Kevin's family at Evo for dinner.  It was fun!  

After we put Molly Anne to bed, Kevin and I went next door to see my next door neighbor's granddaughter and her husband.  I grew up with her when she would come from Maine to stay with her grandmother every summer.  Here are some old school pics of us!  Why didn't my Mother do something about my awful hair?!!!

And this was us on Saturday night.  We hadn't seen each other since we were about 15 or 16 so almost 20 years!  

And our husbands got to meet!  It was really cool that we got to see them!

Sunday was the big event and I'll recap that in a separate post!  


Leslie said...

So fun you could see a childhood friend, and MA looks like she was loving the food and company of MD! Also, love that you two we're twinning!

rox said...

Ummmmmm.....NEED that crab dip recipe! And what is Smith Island cake?!?