Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Molly Anne is 21 months!

Eventually I'll stop doing these updates and I haven't been very regular since she turned 1 but it's fun to check in every few months on what's up with our little Molly Anne.  She is the sweetest and we love her dearly.  Here are some things she's up to!

1.  She is almost 26 pounds, probably a little under.  She was 26 pounds, 6 ounces with her clothes and shoes on last week.  Not sure how tall she is and won't know until I get a tape measure out or go to her two year appointment in July!  I think she's probably still on her 50th percentile in every category track!  She wears 18-24 month clothes but she's really starting to only wear 2T pajamas and all of her summer clothes are 2T.  She wore a shirt last week that was probably too short but I don't want to buy long sleeve 2T clothes at this point.  Just kinda silly.  All of her pants and shirts for the winter and early spring are 18m and that's been fine.  Size 4.5 shoe - tiny little thing!  

2.  Talking is constant and doesn't stop until she's asleep.  She is putting multiple words together.  The other night she said, "I love you too Daddy" which was pretty impressive.  Mostly it's just 2 and 3 words together.  She's starting to get the hang of sentences.  She will tell you what anything and everything is and will repeat anything you tell her to say.  Sometimes she says things and I'm like how do you know what that is?!!  My favorite thing she says is, "I wuv you Mama!"  And when I hand her something and she says, "thank you mommy" unprompted.  Love that sweet girl.  

3.  When we sit at the table for dinner she will fold her hands in front of her mouth and wait for us to say grace.  Then at the end says Aaaaaa-men.  Another little funny story - we were at our new office on Sunday unpacking my office and we all joined in the kitchen while the owner prayed before dinner and in the middle of the prayer Molly Anne yelled, "A-MEN, A-MEN, A-MEN!!!"  It was so funny.  

4.  Now that she finally walks, I really think life has gotten easier.  I know most moms don't agree but when you carry your child around for 16 months plus, you're glad when they can walk.  And honestly I know Molly Anne likes it because she can play on a playground now, go down the slide and do all of that by herself.  She loves to explore.

5.  She likes most anything you give her to do or show her.  She's pretty much entertained by everything.  Becky says the same thing.  Molly Anne likes it all she says.  Becky also says that if you show her how to do something once, then she knows how to do it.  She's a quick learner evidently.  For some reason she still will run even when I tell her not to.  I guess she already has selective hearing?!  Ha!

6.  I feel like this month we (meaning I) have had to get strict on her about some things so she understands when things aren't safe to do.  Kevin will too but I'm the enforcer in the house he says.  No Molly Anne, you cannot stand up in your high chair or play near the stove or touch the fireplace.  And she can tell when I really mean it or not.  Yikes.  

7.  She has pretty much mastered stairs.  We do have a second floor in our house but the stairs are behind a door so she hasn't had to do them except in and out of our house.  I really needed her to learn because she has opened the door once and I want her to know how to get down them versus falling down them.  She still needs to hold a hand if there isn't a railing nearby but she's getting better.  

8.  Some of her favorites - swinging in our hammock, playing outside with Mills and watching him play ball, going down any slide, mega blocks, bubbles, anything little, stuffed animals (mainly Ducky), her blanket (coffee's cousin), these little squigy links that cling together, Elmo, the Duck and Goose books, brushing her teeth, playing in the tub, dancing with Daddy every night, sitting on Mills' back, music class, talking. 

9.  As far as food - she has definitely gotten a little picky the last month or so.  But she's random because one day she'll eat an entire banana and the next day won't touch it.  Becky says she eats everything she is served there so maybe it's just what I'm fixing her?  I usually feed her whatever we eat within reason.  I do protein, veggie and fruit for her.  I just don't want her growing up to only eat chicken fingers, mac n cheese and hot dogs for dinner ya know?  PS - can we discuss how awful children's menus at restaurants are.  Why don't they make them more healthy?  

10.  Sleep - she takes one nap from about 12:15 until 3 ish.  Sometimes they're 2 hours sometimes 3 hours.  In the bath at 6:30pm, bed at 7pm and she falls asleep around 7:30 usually.  Wakes up between 6:30-7am.  I'll take it!

Our little doll baby is 1.75 years old and we couldn't love her more!!!


Emily: Three boys and a girl blog said...

I feel you on the walking thing!! I'm so glad graham is now walking. MA is just the cutest. I can't believe how growny she's gotten. I love that she says amen after grace. So precious!

Tess said...

I am really impressed with the MA doing the stairs. They absolutley TERRIFY me. Leo has been pretty obiedent about not going up them, he can go down on his belly, but I just hate the thought of him on the staircase all together. I know we need to start practicing but ughhhh!!!

MA is just the sweetest and I love these updates because they're a really nice preview for what's around the corner for us! She's a doll baby!

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Leslie said...

So sweet! I love the story about prayer; it must be so much more fun now that she is really talking! I think the updates are always so fun, and they will be so neat to do once she gets a little older! They grow so quickly!