Thursday, April 20, 2017

House Update - Kitchen Sinks

2 things today - 

1.  Update on the construction - they are trying to get the house under roof by tomorrow or at least by early next week.  They still need to frame the back and front porches too.  They put temporary stairs in this week so on Tuesday Kevin and I were able to go all the way up to the third floor.  I had been to the second floor by a verrrrry shaky ladder but Kevin hadn't been up there yet.  It was so cool to see our rooms laid out!  We also marked doors to show which way we want them to open etc. 

The next few things we need to decide - what columns we want for the back porch, where and how much load the swing we want on the back porch will be and finalizing exterior secondary doors.

2.  The main thing is in the next week or so, we have to decide on our final plumbing fixtures - faucets for kitchen and bath, sinks, toilets, tubs etc.  I think we have most of them decided but I'm still questioning our kitchen sink.  

I have been dead set on this one.  It is just really special and a gorgeous focal point. 
I mean is that sink not perfect or what?!!  But I'm concerned about standing in front of the curve.  I've stood in front of it in the store and it isn't awkward but for some reason I'm still questioning it.  I like that it isn't the usual farmhouse sink and this one is a little different.
This is also gorgeous.  I don't know.  I just really like the curve for some reason.  Tell me what I don't know!  Anyone have any opinions either way?!

We are doing a pretty faucet for it too but I'm too practical to have one of the above faucets.  We need one that moves around and pulls down.  This is the one we are getting and it'll be in polished nickel which is a little pricier but makes such a difference! 

Anyway, do y'all have any thoughts on the sink decision either way?!


Emily: Three boys and a girl blog said...

Eek it's coming along so quickly!! So exciting! I love both those sinks but I prefer the flat front one. The curved one is beautiful and I don't think you can go wrong with either!

cathy said...

I so luv your blog. I read every post. So loved the post about the baby's baptism, our grandson was baptized as well on Easter 2017. Your family is precious , and she is adored and cherished by both grandparents-your pictures tell the story. I love being a Grandma, we have 2! The dress she wore was just darling. About the sink.... I think the first one is my favorite, if you have more than one at the sink ( peeling potatoes at Thanksgiving as example), I think two could hug the sink better as opposed to the flat front. I have many memories with my family growing up and helping with food prep near/around the sink and it just looks easier to " move" around this beautiful sink. Either one appears functional and of course beautiful. Btw luv Mills haircut, we are thinking about having a "do" for our Golden when the temps. get warmer up North here. Happy Spring!

Leslie said...

I like the curved one too; it warms up the kitchen with all of the rectangular shapes and lines. Also, I think the faucet you choose is absolutely gorgeous! It's really coming together!

KTBFerg said...

Love the faucet! I'm going to say the traditional sink (non curved) is the way to go to get yourselves the most bang for your buck. I think the curved sink (while beautiful) will fade as a fad & you'll regret it in 5 years or so.

Shauna said...

the curve is lovely..that has my vote!

rox said...

The curve is so unique! That one gets my vote! But both are GORGEOUS - you CANNOT go wrong either way!