Friday, April 21, 2017

Five on Friday - Boots, Happy Hour, Columns

1.  Miss Molly Anne is obsessed with her boots that Aunt Sarah gave to her for her first birthday!  She has worn them almost every day this week to Ms. Becky's even though it's only rained one day! ;)

2.  I got this dress from Lilly this week for a wedding we are going to.  It's on a farm so keeping it pretty casual but I do plan to dress it up with some jewelry!

3.  Kevin and I went out for a little happy hour last night with some friends of ours that we lived at The Avenue (our old condo building) with.  It was a big time just like the good ole days - aka pre-children!  

4.  We have to figure out what we want the columns on our rear covered porch to look like.  This is what we are thinking.  We aren't going the usual cedar columns route because our house isn't really rustic.  It's more traditional I think?  Anyway, we think something like this will look good.  

5.  Like Mother, like Daughter.  She took this Lilly bag out of my closet and ran into see Kevin and said, "More Lilly!"  I love her.  Poor Kevin.

Happy almost weekend!


Leslie said...

Aww, I love how Molly Anne knows Lilly Pulitzer! The dress you got for the wedding is super cute, and will be fun to wear afterwards too. The columns you are doing also seem like a great fit, and yay for a night out with friends!

ACL said...

Bahahaha that is hilarious about the Lilly , you have taught her well ;) Love the dress for the wedding, we have a fancy family wedding in September and I am keeping my eyes peeled for Lilly. Have a great weekend xx

KTBFerg said...

Love those columns!

Tess said...

Those columns are beautiful. I cannot wait to see the house come together this summer!!!