Monday, April 24, 2017

Amazing Wedding

On Friday night, Kevin, Molly Anne and I went to Inizio Pizza and then drove by and checked on the house.  

Saturday morning we went to jump with Gigi and Mary Scott!

Midday Kevin took Molly Anne to my inlaws and they kept her while we went to a wedding.  

We left the house around 2:45 via uber up to my office building.  Then we took buses from there down to South Carolina about an hour south.  They had champagne and snacks for the ride!

First stop was the hunt lodge for the wedding ceremony.  Gorgeous right?!

It was a stunning wedding. Any locals probably know David Chadwick who is the minister at Forest Hill.  He is excellent.  It was the second wedding I've been to that he has officiated and he does a wonderful and meaningful ceremony.  

They bussed us to the "barn" and I say barn very loosely.  It is fancy and was decorated beautifully.  

It has many animals, a lot of which are exotic. 

The food was unreal.  Any kind of food you can imagine, they had it. 

 The raw bar was huge. 

They had built a large room off the back porch. The above is the view from it.  It was tented and amazing.  This 'room' was like 30' up from the ground. Hard to describe. 

Bagpipes introduced the happy couple!

Fireworks midway through the reception. 

Band was awesome. 

Such a happy couple. They were so smitten!  And she was a beautiful bride!

Ashley and Lanier were there as well so we had fun hanging out.  We had been at a wedding last fall with Lanier but Ashley couldn't make it.  Great to finally meet you!

We took the buses back to Charlotte and got to our house at 12:30am.  Sunday morning came EARLY but it was worth it to go grab our girl.  We had a lazy, rainy day yesterday which was necessary.  I swapped out all of Molly Anne's winter to summer clothes and got some other clean up things done.  

It's Monday!


Leslie said...

Oh my goodness! That wedding looks phenomenal!

Emily: Three boys and a girl blog said...

What an awesome wedding! I went to high school with David Chadwick's daughter and also I know another girl that was at the same wedding! She was snapping away and it looked beautiful!!

dee said...

Ah! this is so cool! i follow Ashley's blog since she had her first girl! and i follow your blog way before Molly Anne was born :) I'm portuguese but i think i was born in the wrong country, i love the southern lifestyle ♥

rox said...

Ummmmmm.....that wedding. WOW. I can't. GORGEOUS!!!!!

And I love reading Sweet Southern Prep's blog. So cool!