Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Easter Sunday

I posted yesterday morning about our trip to Maryland and yesterday afternoon all about Molly Anne's baptism so hopefully you all saw those if you were interested.  Today I'm playing catch up and talking about the rest of Easter Sunday!

The Easter bunny came to see Molly Anne in Maryland!  

And of course Nannie had made Molly Anne an Easter basket too.  And she made Kevin and I one and his brother and niece one as well!  Because why not?!  It's Nannie after all!  I loved watching Mom watch her open it!  She always finds the most creative and cute things!

Then we went to church as you all saw in the pictures yesterday afternoon.  

After church, we headed down to West Ocean City and went to Sunset Grille for brunch!  While we were waiting on our food, Molly Anne and I went out on the dock.  It basically terrified me having her out there without a life jacket but after this picture which was taken extremely quickly, I held her wrist tightly ha!

I love these pictures I snapped with my good camera of her!

That's the restaurant where we ate.  It was a gorgeous 84 degree day!

After we got home, we took a few more pictures.  My parents yard was GORGEOUS and in top notch shape!  The shadows on these pictures are terrible but I still love having them.  

After nap, Kevin's parents, brother and niece came over to my parents for dinner!  We played out back while the steaks were grilling.  

Girlfriend loves to smell the flowers.  She scrunches up her nose, it's so cute.  

Mom and Dad of course went all out on dinner.  Filets, baked potato, string beans and salad.  Smith Island cake for dessert!

Monday morning, we headed to the airport to fly back to Charlotte.  Not before two over easy eggs over crab dip!  YUM and calorie free.  

One day we will bring this piano to our house.  Molly Anne loves playing!

Little Nannie in Nannie's chair!

At the airport not wanting to leave!  

She fell asleep in Kevin's arms with 5 minutes to go in the flight.  Bless her little heart.  

We picked up Mills from Camp on our way home and he had gotten a big time grooming!  It's the shortest he has ever been!  He literally looks like a different dog!  I bet he will enjoy being a little cooler!  

We have a busy few days ahead!  Will try to update on the house tomorrow!


Gina said...

Beautiful pictures!

Tess said...

Such a lovely weekend. MA looked especially adorable on Sunday. Her and Leo would have such a ball sniffing flowers together. Is that not the cutest thing ever???

MCW said...

My mom would do the same thing giving everyone Easter baskets! It makes the holiday even more fun for everyone.

Leslie said...

Mills is looking good! Your Easter weekend celebration looks full of love, and I imagine will be one you remember forever- so special with Molly Anne's baptism! I love the pictures of Molly Anne on the harbor, and the ones in your parents yard are so nice too. I wish we had taken a few more pictures outside; you just can't beat the natural light!

rox said...

Those pix are framers for sure!!!!!! (The ones of MA on the dock.) And the ones of your family are so great, even despite the shadows, which, had you not mentioned them, I wouldn't have even noticed! Such a fun weekend! OH! And my mom still gives me, my brother, and my husband Easter Baskets! She actually still has the original baskets she used for me and my brother, and that's what she still uses today! So special!