Thursday, April 27, 2017

House Update - Swing and Tile

Are yall tired of hearing about tile yet?  Well, it's a big decision and night easily changeable sooooo we are taking are sweet time figuring it out.  

But first, we have to figure out where to put a swing on our porch.  This is the look we want - 

The pink dot below is what we are thinking with it facing the same way as the arrow.  Thoughts?  Any other places you think it should go?  The left side jet out off the porch is a grilling station and the right side is a fireplace.  I'm thinking it shouldn't go by the grill and we won't want it to block views of our backyard too much.  


We revisited DalTile yesterday and had to pick out new master bath, guest bathroom and laundry room tile because we were way over budget.  

This is what we are thinking possibly for the master bath.  It's oversized gray subway tile but it has a neat pattern in it too that is pretty subtle.  We would lay it vertically which could be interesting.  And the glass honeycomb for the floor and possibly the ceiling if we do a steam shower.  We like that the subway and glass (it wouldn't be slippery) are super low maintenance unlike marble which we have now.  We are also thinking about hardwood floors in the bathroom.  

The tile on the top with the lines running through it is what we may use on the guest bathroom floor with the marble look below it in the shower in 12x24 horizontal.  The right two samples are options for our laundry room.  The dark gray brick look we may end up doing in a mud room in a herringbone pattern and then use the lighter gray (and cheaper) tile for in the laundry room. 

Two questions:
1.  Would you do hardwoods in a master bathroom?  I just like that they break up an all gray bathroom which is what we have now and I don't like how light the floors are - they show everything.  I know wet things and hardwoods don't mesh but isn't that what bath mats are for?  Plus, we have hardwoods in the kitchen and there are wet things there.  

2.  Would you do the above dark gray brick-like tile in a mudroom which adjoins the kitchen hardwoods?  We do have a pocket door between the rooms but I bet it'll always be open.  Or would you just use the hardwoods in a mudroom? 


Emily: Three boys and a girl blog said...

I like where the swing will go. I don't think there's another option. By the grill doesn't seem like a good spot! I wouldn't do hardwoods in a bathroom. Doesn't seem like a good idea to me. What about a black and white honeycomb tile? My parents have this in all their bathrooms and I love it! It would maybe break up the grey?

Gina said...

I like the swing location. And I also like the dark gray brick look for the mud room. I think it would be a nice contrast. I would be afraid to to the hardwood in the bathroom. My Arizona daughter recently put the tile that looks like dark hardwood everywhere and it looks very nice. That might be a nice option. We have it in our master bath. It's a lighter color and I love it.

ACL said...

What about the tile that looks a bit like hardwood. I've seen it being used conmerically and it looks awesomeawesome wood on bathroom floors scares me a bit maintence wise because of all the water but I'm a worrier !

erin - heart in ireland said...

I would also suggest the hardwood tile if you want tile for the master bath.

I like the dark tile for the mudroom. Our entire main level is hardwood except the mudroom. I am so glad we put tile in the mudroom, especially with a black lab!

I love your house posts! Our house was built 3 years ago & I loved visiting every week to see the progress!

Adelyn V said...

I definitely vote NO to hardwoods in the bathroom. We just moved and our new home has an enormous master bath. With two kids, it's amazing how wet the floor of a bathroom can get despite bath mats. I think you'd find the beauty of the hardwood to NOT be worth the maintenance and concern you'd encounter. Definitely go the tile route.

RE: mudroom--LOVE the dark tile. That's an inherently messier room because you're taking wet shoes off, etc. and darker colors hide mess! Love the house posts; can't wait to see the finished product!

Leslie said...

I love that swing; it is going to be such a fun spot! I wouldn't do hardwoods in the bathroom, but everyone is different. My husband loves leaving towels on the floor, so it just wouldn't work for us! I think you could do either tile or hardwoods in the mudroom. Tile would be more durable, and with Mills, that might be super helpful! It will also define the space. It's really coming along!

Aja said...

No hardwoods in bathroom! Kids, animals, and I mean, don't you ever have to hop out of the shower real quick to grab a new razor or something?!? Do the hardwood look tile.

Mindy said...

I like the swing location!! I vote NO for hardwoods in the bathroom. I don't know about you but our bathroom floor gets MUCH wetter than our kitchen floor ever does. I also vote for doing tile in the mudroom....we have hardwood in ours and it gets SO dirty and scratched from those random little rocks and sand in peoples' shoes!

rox said...

YES for the proposed swing location.

NO to hardwoods in the bathroom. We have them in our bedroom and closet, but tile in the bathroom.

And I like the grey tile for the mudroom!!!! If you have guests over, just close it up if you think it'll bother you being adjacent to hardwoods.

So exciting! Can't wait to see the finished product!!!!