Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Office Move

A couple of weeks ago, our office moved.  This was a pretty big deal because we had been in the same building that we own for 17 years.  We purchased this new building a year or two ago and it is a bigger space for us.  It's in the same area of town, just on the other side of Southpark.  We wanted to move to get away from a large new development across the street from our old office and now we are on the less congested side of the mall area.  

First let's say goodbye to my old office....this was when it was all packed up!  I had been in three spaces in the old building - a cube, an office and then this office.  I just moved into here about a year ago so I never really got too settled because I knew we were leaving.  The office was huge though and I loved the chair rail!

10 boxes for 10 years!  Actually it ended up being 11 boxes haha.  

Our new building! 

The lobby...

Welcome to my little office!

Big ole Salt Lake City map!  My other home!

So there's our big exciting office move!


Emily: Three boys and a girl blog said...

Yalls new building is beautiful!! So fun to start fresh and get to reorganize your office!

Leslie said...

I love your new office! My work moved in the middle of my maternity leave, so I was busy packing everything up while 9 months pregnant. I'm glad to not see a blue bin again!

Kristen [Playground Prepster] said...

Looks great :). My husband just moved into a new building on the congested side a year ago. Enjoy being closer to dean and Deluca :)